How does adding baking soda affect how taffy stretches?

For a science project, I am making taffy. I am going to be adding baking soda to one batch, and not to another. Then I'll stretch the same amount of taffy from each batch, and measure how far each stretches.

Would the air added by the baking soda cause the taffy to stretch farther? Any opinions are appreciated.

That's an interesting question. I love EATING taffy, but I don't always think about the science behind it.

I believe it's the actual pulling of the taffy over and over again that adds most of the air.

Adding baking soda should create more bubbles and make the taffy lighter and more chewy. I don't know if it will actually make it stretch farther, too. Maybe another visitor will have an answer for you. :-)

Once you've completed the experiment, I guess you'll know for certain. Now, be sure to come back to tell us the results. Include some photos of the process if you can. You've got me interested!

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Nov 01, 2009
stretching taffy
by: pc

So stretching taffy or stirring fudge is a way to introduce air into the candy to make it lighter? Sometimes I think I stir my fudge too long and it gets too dry. Not long enough and its too sticky. Or is it a temperature thing?

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