How do you prevent chocolate dipped candies from melting?

by Rina
(Los Angeles)

How do you prevent chocolate dipped candies from melting?

After I left it in the frig for over 30 minutes, it still melted on my fingers when I held it for one second.

Hi Rina,

Chocolate tends to melt when it's in your fingers because normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees and chocolate melts at around 90 degrees.

You can get your chocolate to melt less easily by tempering the chocolate.

Sometimes I add a tsp. or so of shortening to my melting chocolate and I find that it helps to set the chocolate a little bit better.

You would be better off not putting the chocolate in the refrigerator to set if possible. You have more of a chance to have problems with discoloration, etc., if you allow the chocolate to get too cold. Condensation can form when the chocolate is returning to room temperature.

Hope that helps.

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