How do you get chocolate to stick to cashews?

by Rob
(British Columbia)

How do you get chocolate to stick to cashews?

Hi there,

I tried melting a dark chocolate bar, and tried to dip in cashews. The chocolate never came out that smooth, and then, it would not stick to the cashews.

Do I need to melt it more, use a mold? Or even a different type of chocolate? Salted or unsalted nuts?


Hi Rob,

Yes, it could be the particular chocolate bar that you used that is causing the trouble, but here are some tips.

The only reason I can think of as to why the chocolate wouldn't stick to the cashews would be if the nuts were too oily.

I've not personally had any trouble getting the chocolate to stick when I make chocolate covered cashews or chocolate covered peanuts. I always use salted nuts because I love that salty and sweet combo! :)

To keep the chocolate smooth when melting, the best option is to add a little bit of Paramount Crystals to the chocolate when melting. It's very inexpensive.

If you don't have any Paramount Crystals and don't want to wait, try adding a teaspoon or so of Crisco vegetable shortening to the chocolate when melting. I've used shortening a few times with good success.

Don't overheat the chocolate. You just want it to be warm enough to melt. Stir while melting and you won't have to heat it as high.

I normally just combine all the cashews in the chocolate and stir until they are all covered and then I spoon out small spoons of the covered nuts onto a waxed paper lined tray to allow them to set.

I hope those little tips will help you get better results next time you give it a try. You should be able to use milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate with good results regardless.

Let us know how it goes!

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