How Do I Sterilize Molds?

by Jeannine
(New York)

I need to know how do I sterilize molds?

I have added selling chocolates in my store. I had to go through the health department, and they said to add a little bleach to sterilize my molds.

Will this give my candy a bleach taste? Do you know of something different I could use?


Hi Jeanine,

Congratulations for adding molded chocolate candy to your store. You'll have to take some photos and show them off for us here! :)

To be honest, I just wash my molds in hot soapy water between each use. I've never really worried about "sterilizing" the molds.

What do they mean by adding bleach? Just adding a little to your dish washing water? If that's their suggestion, that should be fine. Just don't leave the molds soak for long in the water. That might cause them to deteriorate more quickly (depending on how much bleach you've used).

I don't think the molded chocolates will taste like bleach as long as you rinse the molds when you finish washing them.

I don't really know what else you can use to satisfy the health department. Have you asked them if they have any healthier and non-toxic suggestions for sterilizing that would be acceptable to them?

Let us know if you find out any further information. Does anyone else have a suggestion for Jeannine?


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