How Do I Make Chocolate Covered Cookies Set?

by Victor
(Bronx , New York)

How can I get my chocolate covered cookies to set properly at room temperature?

I made a whole batch of cookies and my chocolate dipping sauce, that has conque and butter in it.

I dipped my cookies in the chocolate and even put them in the frig. left them for a couple of hours and the chocolate was still soft and wet.

I know when I go to the bakery, and look at the cookies in the show case, the chocolate is at room temp. and the chocolate is hard and shiny, please help.

Hi Victor,

I think the problem is in your dipping sauce. Usually dipping sauce does not set. It is to be eaten while runny and messy.

If you want the chocolate covered cookies to set like you see in the bakery, you should just use melted chocolate with a little bit of shortening in it (maybe a Tablespoon or so depending on the amount of chocolate).

I'm not sure what conque is (perhaps a liquer?). Maybe you can clarify that for me. It might be what is keeping your chocolate from becoming firm. If you are trying to achieve a flavor in your chocolates, you will probably need to use flavored oil or extract.

Try it like I suggested and let me know how it goes. If you can take a photo of your cookies, I'm sure we'd all love to drool over them.

Hope that helps!

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Sep 14, 2018
soft chocolate after setting NEW
by: mary

I had the same issue with my chocolate dipped oreos. I used good chocolate and they are soft at room temperature. I believe it is because the chocolate isn't tempered. I did try and temper the chocolate myself but even though I've done some pretty complicated baking I wasn't successful. I am disappointed because I spent a lot of money on the chocolate and they look beautiful but will be so messy to eat.

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