How do I get my melted chocolate to be a little thinner?

by Melissa

How do I get my melted chocolate to be a little thinner?

I've melted both chocolate chips and chocolate bars for dipping fruits but I find that the chocolate ends up being so thick on the fruit that most times you lose the true taste of the fruit under all that chocolate.

Is there anyway I can thin out the melted chocolate a bit so that it still sticks to the fruit but not as thick?

Hi Melissa,

When I want to get my melted chocolate to be a little thinner I usually just add a little vegetable shortening (like Crisco) to it. The shortening thins it out nicely.

If you are making the chocolate covered fruit for your own eating pleasure ;-) the shortening should work fine for you.

If you don't have any Crisco on hand or you are making your treats for guests or for sale, I'd suggest you just go ahead and get some Paramount Crystals from Candyland Crafts.

The Paramount Crystals are less than $2 per bag and a little goes a long way to thin your melted chocolate and even make it creamier.


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by: Melissa

Thanks Angie, I'll definitely try the crystals and post the pics to let you know how it turned out.

Thin melted chocolate...
by: Angie

You're very welcome! ;-) I can't wait to see your chocolate masterpieces!

What a great tip!
by: Laura Mannino

I was having a problem with my chocolate being too thick with my chocolate covered pretzels, I can't wait to make them again, i think this will do the trick! thanks!

thinner choc chips NEW
by: mim

ok i used milk.... not smart. i asked a chef he said whipping cream...not smart. i looked online most said butter. not smart. so later im going to try oil. at 5dollars a bag it better work....

How To Thin Chocolate When Melting NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Mim,

No you definitely don't want to use milk or cream to "thin" chocolate when melting. That will cause the chocolate to seize.

You CAN use heavy cream when you are making a ganache for truffles or a thick frosting. In that case, you heat the cream to just below boiling and then drop in the chocolate and stir until melted.

If you are just wanting to thin the chocolate to make it easier to work with, the vegetable shortening should do the trick, but the Paramount Crystals work the best and are super cheap.

Another tip: Don't heat the chocolate too high. That in itself will ruin it no matter what you add to it. ;)

Hope your next attempt is absolutely perfect!

please help NEW
by: Gulandam

can true chocolate having cocoa butter be thinned down using vegetable oil?

Thinning Chocolate With Oil NEW
by: Angie from

Sometimes the oil works, but it depends on why your chocolate is thick. The cocoa butter works better (paramount crystals mentioned above) but if the chocolate hasn't seized a little oil or shortening can do the trick.

parafin to thin out chocolate NEW

can parafin be used to thin out melting chocolate?

mrs NEW
by: jo

Hi, can I use vegetable oil to thin chocolate for cake pop dipping thanks.

Little thin NEW
by: Zena

Thanks for you'r help

Milk to think NEW
by: Mary

Will milk cause the chocolate to ruin if not in refrigerator

by: barb

It really works well so thank you so much for the edvice!!!!!

Coconut Oil NEW
by: Karen

Coconut oil works GREAT for thinning chocolate! Leaves a nice flavor, too:)

Coconut Oil NEW
by: Frank k.

Coconut Oil is great to use for many things.Keeps excellently in the fridge for a long time. Hardens at fridge temps ( very solid). At room temps it will harden just like chocolate. Micro a spoonful at a time ,mix with warmed chocolate until you get the chocolate to the consistentcy you neeed. No coconut taste.

Coconut oil works great & healthy too. NEW
by: Kathy-shorewood

So glad I found your posts and all the comments. I made my first cake balls on a whim and had melted chocolate chips to dip them in and it was way too thick. I was just using stuff I had st home. Didn't have crisco, haven't for years but I did have coconut oil I had never tried or opened. Success. Worked beautifully. I guess coc oil will now be a staple in my fridge. Will probably last years like crisco does. Healthy too. And no coconut taste either. Thanks.

Was SO lost! NEW
by: Dannielle

Was told milk... tried it. fail...
butter.... fail...
I will use the coconut oil. I looked a while before I found your page. Thank you for the advice. I need it thin enough to make reeses cups and strong enough to stay together. Glad I found you!

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