How can I store chocolate dipped candies?

by Barbara
(San Antonio, TX)

Every year, at Christmas, I make almond toffee, millionaires and fudge for gifts. This year, I need to make it about a month before Christmas.

I'd like to know a way to refrigerate or freeze it, without having the chocolate turn. Can anyone help?

Hi Barbara,

I suspect the Almond Toffee should keep okay in a cookie tin or other airtight container without refrigeration.

That's assuming your house isn't too warm. Although I'm not from Texas, I would think that this time of year it wouldn't be too hot, but you'll have to make that judgment call.

Chocolate tends to melt at body temperature.

The fudge can be frozen. Place waxed paper between the layers and, if you're worried, wrap the entire container in newspaper or a towel to help keep out excess moisture.

The millionaire candy I'm not so sure about. That's one I haven't made. How long does it generally keep? You may not have to freeze or refrigerate this one either.

If you keep the chocolates at room temperature, just store them in a cool dry place away from anything with strong odors.

Happy Christmas!

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