Homemade Turtles

by Lori

For the past two years I've made homemade turtles. I cover them with melted chocolate chips. I melt them in the microwave and then top the caramel and pecans.

The chocolate looks good for a couple of days and then it will have white splotches. They taste fine but they aren't very pretty.

When I melt chocolate chips and spread the chocolate on my turtles, why does the chocolate get white white spots on it after a couple of days?

Hi Lori,

The white spots are usually the result of temperature fluctuations. Try storing your turtles in a location where it is a constant moderate temperature.

When chocolate experiences temperature changes it tends to get sugar bloom and/or fat bloom.

You can read more about how to get rid of white spots on chocolate and try the method suggested by that candy maker.


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Jan 12, 2012
Trouble Making Homemade Turtles NEW
by: Angie

I was thinking about this a bit more and wondering if in your case the white spots on your homemade turtles might be coming because of the way you are melting your chocolate.

You mentioned that you melt the chocolate chips in the microwave. Although this can be done without a problem, it has to be really carefully monitored.

Microwaves obviously don't heat evenly. That's why it is usually recommended that you stop every 15-30 seconds to stir the chocolate. If part of the chocolate gets too hot, you can end up with the fats separating and causing the white spots on the finished candy as it sets.

Also, keep in mind that microwaves vary in wattage/power, so if you have a high powered microwave, you probably should either lower the temperature to medium when heating the chocolate, or consider using a double boiler instead.

If you do continue to use the microwave for melting chocolate, only heat enough to get the chocolate started melting. Then just stir the remaining time allowing the residual heat to melt the rest of chocolate down.

This might solve your problem or help someone else who is having the same issue.

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