Homemade Thank You Card

by Angie

Homemade Thank You Card Made With Candy Bars

Homemade Thank You Card Made With Candy Bars

I made this homemade thank you card for the girls at my local Curves.

In June, my local Curves here in Mareeba ran a special offer (FREE 30 Day Trial) and I knew I needed to take advantage of it -- Too much chocolate in my life! :)

I was so impressed by how good the ladies were in helping each of us use the exercise machines properly to get the best work out and target the correct muscles.

They were knowledgeable and friendly and I absolutely loved the experience. I feel much more fit, and well on my way to being back into a regular exercise routine, which is what I really needed.

I can't afford to keep up the membership at the moment, but I wanted to do a little something for the girls to say "Thanks!" for all their work during the past few weeks.

Of course, my first "go to" gift is ALWAYS chocolate. :) I was going to make up little gift bags, but then when I got to the candy bar aisle of the grocery store, I got the idea to make a thank you candy bar card instead.

We've got some candy bars here in Australia with great names, so it made the creativity pretty easy and fun. Have a look and see what you think.

    Dear Glenda, Veronique, and Jenna,
    I was hoping Curves would be able to WHIP me into shape! I'm sure I seemed a bit of a FLAKE and gave you plenty of SNICKERS when I took a TIME OUT on my very first day of the workout, and every time I couldn't TWIRL or jump around with any sense of rhythm. :) It was no PICNIC doing all those reps of CRUNCHIE's, but all the work sure did BOOST my energy levels. My Curves experience was a real (Turkish) DELIGHT. You girls sure do know your stuff and are pure (Swiss) GOLD.
    My sincere thanks for all of your help and encouragement! :)

The girls really seemed to get a big kick out of the card. I don't think they have much experience of candy bar cards here in Australia, so it was a novelty to them, which made it even more special.

Candy bar cards are always a great way to show gratitude, love, friendship, or appreciation for almost any occasion.

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