Homemade Halloween Candy

by Sandy Wooster
(Factoryville, Pa)

Pumpkin Lollipop Mold

Pumpkin Lollipop Mold

This homemade Halloween Candy are lollipops I made from chocolate molds.

I made a pumpkin lollipop, a ghost lollipop, and a candy corn lollipop using colored candy melts. Once the chocolate lollipops had set, I wrapped each one in cellophane.

Finally, I created a little Halloween bouquet gift by arranging the molded Halloween lollipops in a vase with wrapped hard candies in the bottom.

Hi Sandy,

These homemade Halloween candy lollipops are very cute. You are the "queen of molded chocolates!" Each of your molded candy creations look so perfect. It's obvious that you are no amateur.

I really like the way you put all of the different Halloween lollipops together in the little vase to create a delightful Halloween bouquet gift.

In fact, this could be used as a Halloween centerpiece as well. Imagine having a Halloween candy bouquet sitting on the center of each table at a party. The guests could claim their favorite Halloween lollipop as a party favor.

I think your great examples will have people searching for cute Halloween lollipop molds for themselves to see what they can come up with!

Thanks again for sharing your Halloween molded candy with us - at least for our viewing pleasure! :)


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