Homemade Cocoa Fudge

by Elizabeth
(Whitman, MA)

Why is my homemade cocoa fudge coming out more like taffy?

The 1st time I made this, it came out perfect!! But I've attempted 3 more times and all 3 times after cooling it to 110 degrees, it's become the consistency of taffy. Why?

I bring it to a boil over medium heat stirring constantly. Then I let it boil over medium heat unstirred until it reached 234 degrees.

Also, I'd like to add mini marshmallows to this, but am not sure when I should add them.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Elizabeth,

I'm not sure why your homemade cocoa fudge is coming out more like taffy instead of fudge, especially since it was perfect the first time you made it.

Have you checked your thermometer to be sure it is still measuring correctly?

What was the weather like on the days it failed? Humid?

Did you use the same size pan during the successful batch as the failed batches? The pan size could cause a change in the way it cooks.

It almost sounds like the temperature is getting too high, but I'm not certain that's the problem. It may even be that the problem in this situation is that you didn't beat the fudge enough after it began to cool. Many fudge recipes need a lot of beating to reach the desired consistency.

As for the marshmallows, I'd add them once you take it off the heat, stirring them through until completely melted.

If you are wanting the marshmallows to remain un-melted, you'll need to wait until the fudge mixture cools down a little bit before stirring them through.

I hope you get it sorted out. Do let us know if you figure out the cause of the taffy-like fudge.


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Dec 23, 2012
about Fudge NEW
by: Anonymous

Should the heat be up High on the dials or medium and for How long?

Jun 16, 2011
by: Darla

When cooking fudge, it is important not to cook it too fast and to test it for the soft ball stage. I always use evaporated milk to make fudge. Sometimes fudge will look like taffy if it isn't cooked long enough. Most fudge recipes will tell you how long to cook it or to use the soft ball method. If you don't have a candy thermometer, put cold water in a small bowl and drop some fudge mixture in the bowl, if it keeps it's shape like a small ball, then it is at the soft ball stage and you can take it off the stove and add your other ingredients. Also, be careful of the butter that you use, if it isn't real butter, the water content can be too high in some margarines. Never use soft tub margarine, the water content is too high and the fudge will not set up properly. Humidity also can make fudge like taffy, you have to cook the fudge a little longer on humid days or a few degrees higher if using a candy thermometer. Happy Fudge Making !!!

Jun 15, 2011
Homemade cocoa fudge come out like taffy
by: Anonymous

Dear Elizabeth:

Did you use whole milk or 1%? You need to use whole milk.

Did you use the same size pan as Angie mention? I find that if I used a larger pan without doubling the recipe, the sugar slurry in the pan will not be deep enough to get an accurate thermometer reading, therefore cooking it longer than I should and cooking off the liquid.

Try testing your thermometer in boiling water to see if it will boil to 212 at sea level. If not, you will have to make the adjustment to your cooking temperature. I always do the boiling water test each time before I make fudge. Weather plays a roll in the outcome. Plus it will test to see if I somehow damage my thermometer and see if it is working properly.

Also you can to the cold water test along with the use of the thermometer. Just for double accuracy.

Hope this helps, Let us know how you make out.

Sincerely, Mandy G

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