Homemade Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Eggs

by Shannon
(Chesterfield, VA)

How long can I store homemade chocolate covered peanut butter eggs?

I want to know how far in advance to make chocolate covered peanut butter Easter eggs.

Last year I made them using the egg shaped candy mold. They looked good decorated for about a day but then where the two halves go together, at the seam the oil from the peanut butter started coming out.

I guess it was the oil, it just got soft at the seam. I had decorated with royal icing to cover the seam, but once the oil started seeping through, some of the icing started falling off. Maybe I put too much peanut butter in them.

I am new at this so I am actually having a hard time trying to figure out how to adhere the two halves together once I have filled them with the peanut butter.

I made them for my work and my child's daycare and I want to do it again but I want to take my time making them instead of staying up late the night before I want to have them ready. Help!!

Hi Shannon,

Are you using a recipe for your homemade chocolate covered peanut butter eggs, or are you just using plain peanut butter and chocolate?

I'm guessing that's what you are doing since you are talking about oil seeping out of the seams.

I think a good idea would be to use the recipe for chocolate covered peanut butter balls for the center filling.

There are different versions of the recipe on that page, but essentially they involve adding some softened butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla to the peanut butter. It gives it more of a Reese peanut butter cup consistency so you don't have to worry about the oil.

Once you have the chocolate molded and you've pressed a bit of the mixture into the halves, melt some more chocolate and use that as the "glue" to hold the two pieces or halves together.

That should do the trick for you. We'd love to see a picture of your chocolate covered peanut butter eggs when you get them done.

And to answer your very first question, those peanut butter eggs should keep very well for a couple of weeks in the refrigerator so you won't have to burn the midnight oil! Just keep them in a covered airtight container to keep them from absorbing any odors from the fridge. :-)

Have fun!

P.S. Anyone else interested in trying this can pick up some molds for a couple of dollars at Candyland Crafts.

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Apr 03, 2009
TIP: Coating PB eggs
by: Anonymous

I just got done coating over 59,000 eggs for our church. Before it's coated, sometimes we blot the pb ball/egg shape mixture on a white papertowel. It depends on the amount of oil in the pb. It will help to keep the oil at bay.

Here's a tip from a friend of mine who works in the techology center of Hershey Chocolate:

Make sure that your chocolate is properly tempered so that you don't have the white residue (known as bloom). Properly tempered chocolate needs to be:

White: 89 degrees F
Milk: 90 degrees F
Dark: 91 degrees F

How do you know you've tempered chocolate correctly? Properly tempered chocolate has a good gloss, it's resistant to melting when held and will have a good snap to it. Also, it should not exhibit the "bloom" (the white residue.

Hope this helps!

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