Homemade Chocolate Candy Bar Recipe

by Cindy K

I am looking for a recipe to make my own homemade chocolate candy bars. I have found several but they all use melted almond bark or chocolate chips. I want one that is truly from scratch.

Hi Cindy,

This is a question that is commonly asked. It's very difficult to make chocolate truly from scratch.

You'd need to get the cocoa beans and start from there. If you seriously are interested in that process, you can read more about chocolate history and how it's made.

I suspect you don't really want to go that far in making chocolate from scratch. Apart from that, it is very difficult to get chocolate that is truly like a chocolate candy bar without using some type of processed chocolate in the form of chips, bark, bars, pieces, etc.

There is a basic chocolate candy recipe you can use to make chocolate candy, but it isn't going to turn out just like a store bought chocolate bar. As long as you realize that, you can still enjoy the delicious taste.

Hope that helps.

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Oct 28, 2013
Chocolate candy bar using raw cocoa paste
by: Keen

Hi I have raw cocoa paste that came from grinder cocoa nibs, how can I use that to make chocolate candy bar? Do yo have a recipe for that?

Oct 21, 2011
Making Chocolate From Scratch
by: Jenni

So, I actually did make chocolate from scratch with another blogging friend. It is not as smooth as commercially produced chocolate because we don't have the kind of equipment or time needed to get chocolate that smooth. We did make a video of the process, though.

Without emulsifiers, it's tough to temper homemade chocolate, so we made it into a 2:1 ganache and made hand-rolled truffles. They were Amazing!

http://youtu.be/EcP2ef1LBTU Enjoy:)

Apr 02, 2011
Just tried this
by: dude

This is very yummy and fun to make.
Gata try it at least once.
Thanks for the recipe.

I suggest to use a pan that is 6.5" high and 9" wide for this recipe. The boil will get about 4" to 5" high at a point and then settle back down.

Do not use anything smaller. It may boil over.

Feb 14, 2011
To correct her answer on the matter...
by: Anonymous

Chocolate Bars, as the candy bought from Hershey candy bar, etc. is made with cocoa powder, which is the processed form of cocoa beans. The difference with the cocoa powder and chocolate candy is that it has LOTS of milk and lots of fat!

BTW: The reason chocolate bars when melted seizes is because it does NOT have any water molecules, when you add just a tiny drop of water to a great looking silky smooth melted chocolate it seizes completely because the dry particles(sugar, cocoa, milk), mixes with the water molecules and it lumps completely, and please dont throw this mess away, cause you can make CHOCOLATE FUDGE with it!! which is way better than regular chocolate candy, if it is used correctly!

anyways to make chocolate candy you'll need:

-Cocoa powder
-Confectioners sugar
-Vegetable Shortening
-and of course powder milk

Now you know the ingredients, now make your own chocolate candy, who knows maybe youll be the next Godiva or something :P

Good luck with your happy sweets desires!

Apr 18, 2010
Chocolate Candy Bar Recipe
by: Angie

To MY dismay, you are right! :) Well, the amount of milk needed WAS there, but the page was updated a few weeks ago and somehow it got deleted. It's a mystery!

Anyway, the amount was 3 cups milk. I've edited the page to include that for future visitors, so thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Please note, though, that the recipe you are referring to is not really a chocolate candy bar recipe. You should end up with some yummy chocolate, but it isn't really the same consistency, etc., of a chocolate candy bar.

I'm still hoping someone will come along and give us a great homemade chocolate candy bar recipe if there is such a thing (without using regular chocolate and melting it).

Have Fun!

Apr 18, 2010
by: Anonymous

I was going to make candy from your basic chocolate bar recipe.. and to my dismay, you have not listed the amount of milk needed! I am not a good enough cook to guess, I would only ruin it. Any way you can post the measurement for milk needed?

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