Help Requested -- Used Unsweetened Cocoa instead of Sweetened

by Jessica
(Kansas City, MO)

I made a large batch of regular chocolate truffles, but i mistakenly thought that Unsweetened chocolate was the same as Bittersweet chocolate (which is what the recipe called for).

I know have several dozen truffles that taste like there's no sugar in them, and they've all been rolled in the unsweetened chocolate to get a somewhat hard shell.

Is there anyway I can salvage these truffles - by maybe melting them all, adding sugar, and starting anew?

or even using the non-sugared truffles for a different recipe?!

These took me a very long time and I was distraught when I found out they tasted like... pure cocoa.
Any suggestions or ideas would be so much appreciated.

Thank you!!

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Apr 09, 2013
Salvaging Chocolate Truffles NEW
by: Angie from

Poor Jessica! Sorry that you never got a response to your question when you really needed it. :( I just "saw" it when the anonymous person offered some suggestions for repairing the bitter center of your truffles.

I looked into my database and discovered that your question was submitted the very week that my dear mother went to heaven and I was completely out of touch for a bit after that. Unfortunately no one else saw your post at that time to offer help.

I'm curious as to what you ended up doing about it. Do you remember?

The suggestions above for remelting the truffles and gradually stirring in some sugar is a sound one, however it didn't sound to me like you had rolled them in cocoa powder, but rather melted unsweetened chocolate.

Either way, you could still have melted the whole truffles back down and sweetened them, then chilled the mixture and rolled them into balls again for dipping or coating.

Hopefully the next person who comes along looking for help because they used unsweetened cocoa instead of sweetened will be able to get some ideas from this and salvage their own chocolate truffles.

Chocolate is just too good to waste! ;)

Apr 08, 2013
Repair bitter center NEW
by: Anonymous

I think if you first blow away as much of the powder as possible , if your center is not too soft you can use a CLEAN soft brush to remove most of the cacao dust , then place them in a beinmari and remelt then shift icing sugar slowly and little suger each time in your mix .
stear while mixing to taste , if sugar makes your ganash too thick add fresh cream

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