Heavy Saucepan For Candy Making

by Rhonda

Need Help Finding a Good Heavy Saucepan for Candy Making

Need Help Finding a Good Heavy Saucepan for Candy Making

I'm interested in finding a good heavy saucepan for candy making.

I live in a small town with not many shopping options. The internet is the greatest resource around.

I have a saucepan with a copper bottom that I have used in the past for candy making, but I feel that I can surely find a better quality one somewhere.

I have not been able to tell from descriptions of pans on-line whether a saucepan is truly going to be heavy enough for candy making.

I need a good resource of where to purchase a new one, brand names and styles, or keywords to look for in the item descriptions.

Help please!!!

Hi Rhonda,

Yes, a good heavy saucepan for candy making is a must! I do have a short section on candy making tools that discusses the type of pot you should choose.

Basically, copper is one of the best choices since copper allows for even distribution of the heat. The other option is a good enamel covered cast iron saucepan. It's best to have at least a 4 quart pan, as I'm sure you know that candy can bubble up quite a bit. They usually run a bit cheaper than the copper pots.

They have a really nice 4-quart Mario Batali enamel covered cast iron dutch oven at Cooking.com that is about $90. It's a good investment.

When you get to their site, just type '4 quart cast iron' into their search feature and you should see it at the top or close to it.

It's nice to have a large heavy saucepan with straight sides which is usually the case with a dutch oven.

Maybe some other folks will chime in with their favorite type and brand of candy making saucepan to help you out.

Angie from Chocolate Candy Mall

heavy saucepan for candy making

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Jan 29, 2020
Enamel Dutch Oven NEW
by: Angie from chocolate-candy-mall.com

That should work well!

Nov 20, 2019
Ri9ck candy NEW

Can rock candy be made in an enameled cast iron Dutch oven

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