Health Benefits of Carob

What are the health benefits of eating carob instead of chocolate?

One of the most important health benefits of carob versus chocolate use is the fact that carob does not contain caffeine.

Some people have a low tolerance for caffeine, so this is an important benefit.

Also carob doesn't contain theobromine, one of the other main ingredients in chocolate that acts as a stimulant and can cause some people to have trouble with their sleep.

Although Carob and Chocolate are two completely different treats, people do tend to compare them as an either/or type of thing.

Really, you can enjoy both if you are able for different reasons and in different recipes. Admittedly, we are a little low on carob recipes here at Chocolate Candy Mall, but we are always happy for you to share your carob recipe to start to even the scales. :) You can add your carob recipe here for the rest of us to enjoy!


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Oct 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

Theobromine does NOT keep you awake. It has no effect on the Central Nervous System.

Researchers compared the effect of caffeine, theobromine and a placebo in a clinical study. They found that theobromine administered in a dose of 500 mg (the amount of theobromine in approximately 11 oz of milk chocolate consumed in one sitting) did not increase pulse rate significantly more than the placebo. Caffeine, when compared to theobromine and the placebo, produced significant CNS stimulation.

In a double-blind clinical study, subjects ingested measured quantities of caffeine and theobromine, separately and together, at random. Caffeine altered the subjects' own estimates of the time it took to fall asleep, as well as the soundness of sleep, in a dose-dependent fashion. A dose of 300 mg. of theobromine, however, had no detectable effect on sleep. When administered in combination with caffeine, theobromine neither increased nor decreased the sleep effects of caffeine.

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