Headaches From Chocolate

by Judy

I seem to get headaches from chocolate. Do mm's have real chocolate in them? Are there any carob mm's out there?

What little carob candies are there? With or without peanuts - I like both. :)

Thank you,


Hi Judy,

M&M's do contain real chocolate and I have never seen any carob M&M's although that would be a great idea for the company to try, wouldn't it?

Some people do get headaches from chocolate. Thankfully, I am not one of them! :)

Carob candy is probably a good alternative for you.

Carob does not contain the caffeine, nor some of the other ingredients that are naturally found in chocolate.

You can buy carob maltballs candy at the Candy Warehouse and there are a couple of other choices I found and have listed on the carob candy page. I hope you'll find something yummy there to try.

You can also make your own carob covered nuts or raisins just by purchasing the carob at Candyland Crafts, gently melting it and covering your favorite treats - nuts, raisins, pretzels, etc.

Hope that helps! Enjoy. :)

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Apr 24, 2016
Headaches from Food Color Additives NEW
by: Angie from chocolate-candy-mall.com

Hi Kirsten,
Perhaps it's the color/dye that you are reacting to. Many people are sensitive to various additives like food dyes.

Apr 23, 2016
Headaches from M&M NEW
by: kirsten

Chocolate don't give me any headache but M&M does. I can eat the brown ones though. I think its either the blue or yellow ones I react to. The headache was terrible.

Nov 15, 2012
Chocolate Headaches and Carob Recipes NEW
by: Angie from chocolate-candy-mall.com

Ha! Another Judy with headaches from chocolate. What a coincidence. :)

Glad to hear you found some carob recipes that you enjoy and that don't bother you.

Would you be so kind as to add them to our carob candy page? They don't actually have to be "candy" and I'm sure others will be very grateful to try them out.

There's a form at the bottom of the page that you can use to add them.


Nov 15, 2012
headache from chocolate NEW
by: judy too!

Judy, Do a lot of Judys get chocolate migraines? I have found a carob cake recipe with a carob frosting that is not too bad!! and a no bake cookie recipe that is oatmeal, p. butter,carob,sugar and butter.Good Luck! Judy too

Feb 17, 2011
Headache from M&M's
by: Angie

Perhaps there is a particular ingredient in M&M's that you are reacting to that is not found in other chocolates? Could you be sensitive to one of the colored dyes (from the shell)? It's really hard to say.

I guess you can be very grateful that it isn't ALL chocolate that gives you headaches. That would be very sad to face, at least for me!

Feb 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

Why would I get an instant headache from M&M's but I can eat any other form of chocolate and not be bothered?

Jul 09, 2010
chocolate headaches
by: Anonymous

I get chocolate headaches, too, but for some reason, Theo's chocolate from Seattle gives me NO headaches! And believe me, I've tried them all! : ) I love their Hazelnut Crunch bars...a little pricey, but SUCH great chocolate! And no headaches! Good luck, Judy!

Feb 15, 2010
Chocolate - Headaches
by: Judy

Still haven't found any MMs with Carob in them. I have looked everywhere. Once in awhile I just have to have chocolate and I pay for it with a headache.
So I eat Carob which satifies me for the moment.
If you hear of anything let me know.


Jun 18, 2009
Chocolate Headaches
by: Angie

Hi Judy,

Glad to help. What a shame that you get those chocolate headaches from M&M's. I love them too. I just get fat!!! :)

Unfortunately, even switching to carob doesn't solve that problem - grin.

I hope you'll find that you can really enjoy the carob candy and not feel like you are missing out on treating yourself.

If you decide to give carob a try, let me know which ones you end up getting and how you like them. :-)

Jun 17, 2009
Carob candy
by: Judy

Thank you Angie for answering my question. I love MM's and I can't seem to eat them anymire without getting a migraine.
So I was hunting for carob candies and I appreciate your insights.
Thank you so much.


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