Hardening candy

by Cheryl
(Las Vegas, NV)

Hardening candy that won't set?

I think I did not boil my candy long enough and now I can't get it to harden. The recipe said to beat it until it held together but it doesn't seem to want to. Is there anyway I can make it harden a little?

Hi Cheryl,

What kind of candy are you referring to? What recipe are you using?

It may be too late now to get it to set. Perhaps you can use the mixture as a sauce on ice cream or as a taffy or something depending on how it ended up.

It's hard to give an appropriate answer to your question or any suggestions on hardening candy without knowing more details.

If your candy recipe called for being heated to a certain temperature (hard tack stage) and you didn't get it hot enough, then it isn't likely to get hard. It's the heat that determines how soft or hard the final candy will be.

If you'd like to give more details, add the recipe here and we'll see if we can come up with some suggestions as to what went wrong.


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Jan 29, 2017
sweet potato candy NEW
by: philip

i did make a sweet potato candy and my problem is i cannot make it harden.

Feb 23, 2009
Brown Sugar Nut Roll
by: Angie

Oh, yum! That sounds like it would be a really delicious candy. Is it one of those nut rolls that are like nougat in the center with caramel and nuts on the outside?

I'm absolutely craving some right now, just thinking about it. :-)

I'm sorry you weren't able to work it out and salvage the candy. That's always disappointing. Were you still able to eat it even though it didn't hold together and set properly? I've eaten my share of failures. Plan B can still be pretty tasty.

If you've got time, I'd love to have you add the actual recipe here. Maybe someone else would like to give it a try and see if they can master the technique.

Feb 23, 2009
Brown Sugar Nut Roll
by: Cheryl

Thank you for responding. I was trying to make a brown sugar nut roll and have given up. The recipe calls for boiling the candy, then cooling it, then beating it. Somewhere, I missed the timing.

Oh well, thanks a lot. I was very impressed to get an answer so quickly. Now I know a good place.

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