Hard Caramel Type Of Square?

by Pasha
(Atlanta, GA)

Trying to locate a hard caramel type of square...

Growing up in Baltimore, MD in the late 50's, there was a store around the corner that sold penny candy.

They are no longer in business, so can't check on their vendor source, though they might have used a Pennsylvania vendor.

I'm trying to locate a hard caramel-type (not sure if it actually was a caramel or some type of hard nougat) square (not chewable at all) covered in a thin dark chocolate.

If anyone has any clue, would appreciate your help in tracking this down. Thanks.

Hi Pasha,

Those hard caramel type of squares sound like a delicious memory from childhood.

Have you checked at the Candy Warehouse yet? They have a large caramel range and they do have some that are covered in chocolate too.

I'm not sure if they'll have the specific chocolate caramels you are looking for, but wouldn't it be so fun to choose a variety and have the pleasure of testing them all? Grin!

Hope you find what you are looking for. Let us know if you do, and hopefully maybe some other visitors will recognize this specific candy by your description.


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