Happy Father's Day Card

by Susie

Ideas for a Homemade Father's Day Card & Gift

Ideas for a Homemade Father's Day Card & Gift

We made this Happy Father's Day Card using candy bars for a Father's Day gift.

I wanted to share it hear in case anyone else would like to use our ideas. It could help maybe just give you some ideas of your own for creating a homemade Father's Day card and gift combo.

The kids will love making it and dad will love receiving it.

    You know it's not PAYDAY, but it is Father's Day and Dad you are worth $100GRAND to us. You are better than a trip to the MILKY WAY, a STARBURST through the sky or a shopping trip on 5TH AVENUE. Your SNICKERS are like a SYMPHONY to us and we just wanted you know how SPECIAL you are to your SUGAR BABIES!

    We wish you MOUNDS of HUGS and KISSES...this Father's Day!

Hope you all like it!

Hi Susie,

Very cute! You came up with some sweet ideas for your candy bar card for Father's Day. Thanks for passing on the ideas to us.

Homemade Father's Day gifts are such a good idea, even if money isn't tight. Something like a candy bar poster card not only is affordable, but it really shows some thought and creativity.

A candy gram can be personalized to your own Dad's (or Granddad's) tastes and unique qualities. Besides that, they're just a whole lot of fun!

Thanks again for reminding us of this old favorite project for making a Happy Father's Day Card!

~Angie from Chocolate Candy Mall

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Jun 13, 2012
Dad's Father's Day Card NEW
by: Angie

Hi Micayla,

Very cute! I'm sure your dad is going to love it. Candy bar cards for Father's Day are always a great idea.

You get to show off your creativity and make him really laugh, but he also gets to enjoy the chocolate treats at the same time.

How can you go wrong? Thanks for sharing your adorable homemade Father's Day card with us!


Jun 13, 2012
Dad's Father's Day Card NEW
by: Micayla

Here's our Dad's Father's Day card made with candy bars. Hope you like it!

Dear Dad,
Our PAYDAY was ZERO, so no ORBIT around the world, trip to the MILKYWAY or MINI (Reece's Minis) convertible from us. Just a SATISFYING (back of Snickers Bar) Mmm (M&Ms) fingerlicking good card. No need to ROLLO over and WHATCHAMACALLIT when your done eating it. Just do some CRUNCHes.


Dec 03, 2009
fathers day
by: jiny

So sweet Susie! Your idea for father's day is nice. Its a day when we can tell him that how much we care about him.

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