Happy Birthday Candy Book

by Ashley
(Kelowna, B.C, Canada )

I made this Candy Book intending it to be just a card but it just kept growing. It was for my girlfriends 25th Birthday, from myself, my husband and our son.

Page one:

Page two:
And the thought of another one drives you (NUTS), but don't fall to (REESE'S PIECES) yet!

Page three:
We've decided to give you a (PEP) talk. So Life has been a bit (FLAKE)Y lately, but the (CRUNCH) is over and its clear now.

Page four:
You think men are from (MARS) and want to put a (BOUNTY) on most of their heads, which also makes you want to lose your(SKITTLES) and turn into an (AIRHEADS).

Page five:
But don't worry you're a real (SMARTIES) and when you put your mind to something you fly like a straight (AERO)

Page six:
Just remember today is your day and you are a (STARBURST) of youth. We're sure after this book you won't want to (EAT MORE) candy ever again.

Page seven:
We do apologize though. We wanted to get you a pool to have a (FUN DIP) in on your Birthday, but the money slipped through our (BUTTERFINGERS).

Page eight:
Well we hope you got a good (SNICKERS) out of this book, even if you are (ROLLO)ing your eyes.

Happy Birthday
Love the (3 MUSKETEERS)

Hi Ashley,

Your Happy Birthday Candy Book was a really cute idea. I hope your friend enjoyed it thoroughly. I'm sure she had a good laugh and that you made her day.

Thanks for taking the time for posting it here for the rest of us to enjoy and take some of your ideas for our next candy bar card gift.


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