Halloween Candy Bar Cake

by Mary

Halloween Candy Bar Cake

Halloween Candy Bar Cake

I decided to attempt to make a Halloween candy bar cake for my daughter for Halloween and as a nice Halloween centerpiece for our table.

This is a pretty large one and it was my first attempt, so it's not the greatest but it turned out pretty cute.

Supplies I used were:
  • styrofoam discs (10", 8" and 6")
  • 12" cardboard cake round
  • hot glue gun (low temp)
  • double sided tape
  • black construction paper
  • mini candy bars and other candy
  • spacers - small dixie cups (you can use thread spools)
  • ribbon
  • cake turntable (big help with decorating!)

I first covered the discs with black construction paper because I found that the styrofoam was flaking off and didn't want it all over the place.

I just cut out circles and glued them on one side of the discs, then used strips around the sides. I then glued the largest disc onto the cake board.

I then took the spacers (cups) and glued them upside down on top of the disc in the center. I used 3 all around the center for support. I then put glue on the top of the cup and put the next disc on and repeated for the next layer. Let dry.

I decided to tape the candy on instead of gluing them.

I took double sided tape and put it on the outside of the discs and put on the candy bars all facing the same direction.
I just repeated on the next 2 layers.

I then filled in the spaces between the layers with more candy (the airheads and dots).

For the top I curled black ribbon and put it in the center then filled that with Hershey Kisses and used Pixie Stix to look like candles. I then decorated the bottom base with Hershey Kisses.

It turned out pretty well for my first candy bar cake and my daughter loved it. However, it didn't last as a centerpiece because she already dug into the candy!

I'm going to make one for her birthday and use that as a centerpiece and let the children take off the candy they want and put it in a goody bag!

Hi Mary,

I didn't realize you were referring to a Halloween candy bar cake, so I moved your submission over to one of the Halloween pages, hoping more people will get to see it in the next few weeks.

Your candy bar cake turned out wonderfully. Thanks so much for sharing all the details of how you put it together. This will encourage other people to create their own for Halloween or any special occasion.

I can't wait to see the one you make for your daughter's birthday. What a good idea to use it as a centerpiece and party favor combo! Don't forget to show it off when the time comes. :)


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