Guess Who Is The Big Four ZERO

Here's a candy bar card idea for a 40th B-Day!

Can you guess Who is The Big Four ZERO ? (Zero Bar)

Here's some hints!

SHE's a Great MOM (Hershey's and M&M's)
HER Smile brings lots of JOY (Hershey’s and Almond Joy)
She's a friend that's SPECIAL (Special Dark)
And we Love her to PIECES (Reeses Pieces)
You Guessed it!

Happy Birth DAY PAM (Payday)

Have a MELLOW day (Caramellow)
And don't lift a FINGER, (Butterfinger)
Just sit back and TAKE 5 (Take 5 Bar)

I hope your day is COOKIES AND CREAM (Hershey's Cookies and Cream)

Sign name in small candy pieces like Red Hots or DOTS

Tape Candy Bars to Poster Board, and place beside Gift table at party.

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