Greasy Residue After Making Fudge

by Loretta

What causes a greasy residue after making fudge?

I have been using this specific fudge recipe for over 10 years, but have noticed the last couple of times that there is a greasy residue that rises to the surface. To remove it, I use paper towels.

I still use the same ingredients as when I first started with this recipe, and still use the same methods to make it as well.

What could be causing this?

It's not necessarily a HUGE problem, but more of a nuisance and prevents the forming of a smooth surface.

Thank you for any help you have to offer!

Hi Loretta,

Usually when you get a greasy fudge or greasy surface while candy making it is because the sugar and fat has separated somewhere in the process. For some fudge makers, I would suggest that was probably the problem.

In your case, maybe not. Because you've got plenty of fudge making experience and you've used this recipe and process for years, it may not be anything you are doing after all.

I remember reading an article quite some time ago about the affect that the changes in the way some products (like butter) are being made has affected the results we are getting with our old tried and trusted recipes, particularly in candy making.

Even though you are using the same ingredients you have always used, there may be some difference in the quality of the ingredients. This could be true even when using the exact same brand that you've always used.

The greasy residue can be from butter in the fudge recipe or even in the quality of the chocolate being used.

"Real" chocolate is made with cocoa butter, but a lot of chocolate on the market today has had most or all of the cocoa butter substituted with some form of vegetable oil.

I can't say for sure if that is the reason why you are suddenly having this problem with a greasy residue after making fudge, but that would be my own best guess.

Anyone else have any ideas or thoughts on this problem? Use the comment link to let Loretta and me know.


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Oct 20, 2022
Greasy Residue NEW

I had the same issue of greasy residue in my fudge recipe that I had used successfully for over 30 years. Only in the last few years (5 to 7 years) has there been this issue. After much research, the issue is known to be palm oil that is being fed to cattle in their feed and/or supplements. This includes organic butter, too. In addition to being a problem for old fashion fudge and other candy recipes, it also makes butter harder at room temperature. Palm oil is solid at room temperature. No one in government wants to admit that this is an issue.

Jan 26, 2022
buttery mess NEW
by: Lucia Robertson

I followed the fudge recipe, did everything right and all I got was a greasy mess!! Thank goodness for your site. I read all the comments and I put it back in the pan added 4 tablespoons of water and heated the fudge until it was a creamy mixture. The water method worked. Thank you!! Fudge turned out great!!

Dec 21, 2021
Greasy Gritty Fudge NEW
by: Lori

Thank you so much for giving me the 411 on how to fix my greasy gritty fudge. Sure enough a few tablespoons of water and boom my fudge mess turned into fudge beautiful!!

Dec 20, 2021
Greasy and lumpy fudge NEW
by: lisa

My fudge was lumpy with oil on top. I don't have a candy thermometer so I think I cooked the butter, sugar, and milk mixture too long. Anyway, I tried soaking up the oil with a paper towel. As it cooled more oil came to the top and the fudge looked more like dried overcooked brownies. I took the advice given on your website on how to remedy this problem. I am so thankful I did. I put the almost hour-cooled fudge back into the pot and rewarmed it adding about 2 tablespoons of water. As it heated it softened and became the consistency of a thick, smooth chocolate frosting. I patted it down in the baking dish and left it on the cabinet overnight. In the morning the fudge looked great and was delicious. Thanks so much for the advice that saved my fudge.

Dec 10, 2021
It works! NEW
by: Rena

I just had this problem today. My fudge came out lumpy and oily. I put it back in the pan and heated it up slowly. I then put in a few tsp of water until it began to get creamy. It worked! My vote is to use water.

Dec 07, 2021
The water trick works! NEW
by: JH

So happy that I came across this site. I made my usual recipe of Fantasy Fudge and for no reason, it was greasy on top. I thought I would have to ditch it but decided to see why it might have done that. I never thought I would find a fix. It had been setting up for about 30 minutes already. I add frozen marshmallows at the very end of the mixing process, so when I came across this trick, I didn't think it would work because not only did it have all of the marshmallow cream, but also had the extra marshmallows. But I really had nothing to lose because I won't give out greasy fudge... Tossed it back into a pot, mixed it for just a few minutes to warm it up, then slowly added about 4 teaspoons of warm water and it became creamy and beautiful. Thank you to everyone who posted this. Woohoo!

Dec 07, 2021
Simple fix NEW
by: Debbie

This simple fix saved my fudge. My son wants me to make gifts for his coworkers & after making hundreds of cookies decided to add some fudge to ease up on the cookies. Thank you

Nov 11, 2021
nestles chips NEW

They suck the trick is not to use water.... Its stop usong nestles!!! Just stop, use another brand!

Sep 02, 2021
Rescued my fudge
by: Kim

So happy to have found this post. I have made my old fashioned peanut butter fudge many times and have NEVER had a problem, but yesterday my tried and true recipe failed miserably. My peanut butter fudge looked like a gloppy, curdled mass soaking in an ocean of grease, and the more I beat it, the worse it seemed to get. I used a candy thermometer so I knew I had cooked it long enough. Ended up throwing it away and decided to try again today, thinking it was something I had done wrong. Today, the same thing happened, and I searched online looking for answers. Found this post and gave it a shot. Put the mess back in a clean pot and added five TBS of warm water, one TBS at a time, while stirring over a low-med heat. As the mixture warmed, it began to smooth out. As soon as it appeared blended, I poured it back into the sheet pan to set. It turned out beautifully, much to my amazement. Must be something going on with the butter manufacturing is my guess.

Feb 21, 2021
Palm oil fed to cows affecting butter quality NEW

Never ever happened before,followed the recipe exactly...I think its due to a changing the cows feed...they are feeding the cows palm oil...more interferance with artificial stuff, like dead sheep being fed to our poor cows

Jan 01, 2021
What happened to my fudge!!!???? NEW
by: Christy

Got oily fudge for the first time after using the same recipe for 20 years. So glad I saw this! Just try the water method---it WORKS!!!

Dec 27, 2020
Oil separated from fudge! NEW
by: Cindy

Yep, this is the same Ole story... My tried and true fantasy fudge recipe was a complete disaster with the oil separating & sitting on the top. I was going to toss it until I saw this fix!! After sitting out overnight, I diced the entire 1# block of fudge, slowly melted it in a pan over low heat & added in 5 T. of warm water. Voila!! It worked like a charm. Thanks!!☺

Dec 23, 2020
Thank you!! NEW
by: Jan

I came across this by searching the internet. I thank you so much for saving my Christmas fudge. After it set it looked like fat marbling on a beef roast. I took it, added a couple of tablespoons of water and reheated it. Came out amazing. Thank you Again so much !! Thought I'd have to toss it. Merry Christmas

Dec 21, 2020
Butter separating from fudge NEW
by: Wanda

I've been making the same recipe, same method AND using the same ingredients (label) for over 20 years. I literally make anywhere between 10 and 20 batches every holiday season as gifts. This had begun happening occasionally about 5/6 years ago. It takes on a curdled look and the more you think you can stir it out - it gets worse, till it's pooling in oil. Tonight, I've made 6 batches of fudge and every single batch has done this. I tried the water trick and have saved them, but I think they may be a little grainy (which really annoys me, too...LOL...yes, I'm a little OCD about candy making) Thank you for your posts!! I was convinced there was something in my method, but now I'm going to start investigating my ingredients....I'm suspicious of the chocolate and am going to try a different type. Thank you everyone!

Dec 21, 2020
Amazing trick NEW
by: Cheryl

So glad I saw this post, the water trick really worked, took 5 Tbls and it turned out perfect. Thanks!

Dec 14, 2020
Greasy Fudge NEW
by: Peggy

Thank you, thank you.... been making fudge for years I’m so happy that I finally know how to fix my fudge I’ll have tried numerous times to fix this thank you so much now I know what to do!

Dec 13, 2020
Saved my fudge! NEW
by: mn

I was so devastated that the butter in my fudge recipe that I've made for many years separated and wouldn't set up. What a mess I was on the verge of tossing in the garbage but decided to check online and thank goodness this technique really worked saved my fudge. I'm wondering if it was the chocolate quality... Thanks again.

Dec 13, 2020
Oily fudge NEW
by: Jeff & Juan Fritz

Thank you all for your help and wisdom. We managed to get our mom's fudge recipe better.

Dec 10, 2020
saved our fudge! NEW
by: fudge family

thank you so much! my mom and i make fudge every year, and earlier this year we had the same greasy outcome and we had to make "bon bons" with it since it wouldnt set. we reheated the fudge and added 5 tbsps of water, one at a time, and our fudge was back to its normal consistency. we've been making this fudge for decades and this has never happened before-- we're so glad that it was a quick fix for the holidays :)

Dec 08, 2020
Saved my fudge NEW

Thank you so much for the help!! I've used the same recipe for fudge since I was little and buying the exact same ingredients. It turned out with the extra grease on top and dry. I addded the 2 TBSP of water.reheated and stirred.The fudge became smooth and creamy. Thank you so much for the wonderful tip! I'm adding that tip by the recipe.

Dec 07, 2020
Miraculous Fudge Saver NEW
by: Mary

We added 2Tbs of water to our big batch of fudge that had gone greasy and it really was like a miracle! We warmed it up and stirred and It became smooth and silky. We were able to pour it back in the pans and it was delicious. The hardest part was stirring the fudge. I don’t know why it works, but it does.

Nov 24, 2020
by: Karri

The save was amazing! I was just going to accept greasy and grainy fudge, but these posts gave me hope! Thank you to Andrea, and to everyone who tried it and posted success. For those who can't find the original link, it is here as well:

The fix, adding water slowly, reheating and stirring until the miracle happens, is aboud halfway down.

Yay!! :]

Mar 21, 2020

My story is just like the rest of you.Geasy globby fudge for the third time,same reciepe,same make of ingredients,what a mess! I tried your trick my fudge is wonderful.I cant thank you enough.Im unemployed,stranded at home over this mass layoff and the coronavirus.I need chocolate and none in the house!Hopefully the fudge makes me feel better! Ill be sure to tell my friends.THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Jan 07, 2020
Yes, it works NEW
by: Steve

New to fudge making here. I was making a diabetic friendly version with Swerve confectioners sugar. Made it a couple of times before with no problems.
This time it was a hot mess. Mixture split and butter pooled to the top.
I tried this method and it worked like charm. After gentle reheating I mixed in 3 tablespoons of water and suddenly it was nicely smooth and glossy.
I really didn’t want to chuck the batch. Swerve is expensive and I hate wasting food of any kind.
Thanks for this valuable tip!

Dec 26, 2019
Thank you! NEW
by: BR

Not to sound like a broken record, but reheating and adding water worked! Thank goodness for google... I felt like such a failure after seeing my fudge end up a greasy mess, but feel so much better knowing others with years of experience are having the same problem. Even my dad (who barely cooks) has made great fudge, so I was feeling pretty awful!

I made fantasy fudge. To be fair, I used chocolate chips instead of baker's chocolate, which I suspect is the problem. I assume baker's chocolate is probably more standardized with cocoa mass/cocoa butter? I imagine chips have so many variations between brands.

Reheated on medium low, stirred, added a tablespoon of warm water at a time. I used 4 total. Don't chuck your greasy fudge!

Dec 24, 2019
Works great! NEW
by: LAH

Thank you! This worked!

Dec 23, 2019
Thank You! NEW
by: Cindy

Thank you for saving my Christmas fudge! I've experienced the separation of vanilla in the last few batches of fudge but thought I did something wrong. Adding 6 teaspoons of water works PERFECTLY! It's creamy with no residue. It was in the fridge for about 1 hour when I reheated it. Perfect in a couple of minutes. You're brilliant! 💖

Dec 22, 2019
Miracle water NEW
by: Robin

So I’ve made Fantasy Fudge many times in the past. Recently I’ve not had success. The butter has been separating and the fudge is not smooth and creamy like I remember from the past. True I now live at 5K feet and I was wondering if this might be the issue. So I read this blog and put the grainy greasy mess back in the pot then added about 7 tablespoon of hot water and cooked it to 240 degrees F. Lo and behold it worked! So now the question is, do I add water to all my fudge? If so, when? I’m making peanut butter fudge next to pour on top of this chocolate fudge to give as Christmas gifts. I think I will add the water when I add the marshmallow fluff and the PB. Here goes nothin’! Wish me luck and Merry Christmas!

Dec 21, 2019
No more tears over greasy fudge NEW
by: Candy Mama

I have been making fudge for many years and tonight decided to make my Christmas batch! Everything looked fine until the very end. I used a new vanilla added my chocolate and marshmallow fluff and it turned into a grainy greasy mess! I was so upset. What did I do wrong? I came across this blog and tossed the mess back into the pan -slowly adding 4Tbsp of water. It worked! I can't believe it! My fudge is saved!!! Oh thank you angel fudge lady who posted this!!!!!I'm so happy I cant sleep!

Dec 21, 2019

Had a 5# batch of fudge that had pools of butter on top. REALLY did not want to waste the ingredients, so read this, dumped the greasy (yet grainy) mix back in the clean pot, added 3T of water one at a time and lo! and behold! It is creamy and delicious! (Used paper towels to wipe off the parchment lined pan (on top and under it) as that was also a greasy mess!


Dec 19, 2019
Didn’t think it would work, but totally did!! NEW
by: Kim

I figured this tip wouldn’t work for mine because everyone seemed to have made very intricate fudge. I used chocolate morsels, butter and condensed milk so I figured this tip would only work for fudge crafted in a fancy way. My fudge had turned out grainy and oily throughout. I blotted it with four paper towels and it was still greasy when I ate it. I figured why not give it a shot. I tossed all my fudge back into the pan on medium low heat and added about 6 tablespoons of water but it completely worked and my nasty fudge is now salvaged and beautiful. I recommend the simple tip 100% because why not give it a try??!

Dec 19, 2019
Greasy gritty fudge to smooth and shiny NEW

WOW!! Thought I was going to have to dump my fudge in the garbage until I came across this feed. After the fudge had been sitting in the pan for a good 1/2hour cooling looking like a greasy separated mess I followed the advice here, reheated it and with 4tsp of warm water I was able to save the fudge. I can’t believe it. Thank you so much!,

Dec 19, 2019
by: Penny

I've made Fanny Farmer fudge for years. Beautiful and creamy. This past week made 2 batches, neither were successful but this one today was awful, The butter rose to the top of the chocolate in puddles immediately it was poured into my 9x13. All steps leading up to this indicated it wasn't going to turn out. I followed the advice given here and it 's back in the freezer. We'll see how it turns out. I want to say that I'm convinced it's the butter. Something has changed. The first step is to bring to a hard rolling boil evaporated milk and sugar. Then add the butter to melt before hand beating a couple of minutes. Each time I've gone to beat, I cannot easily get the butter to incorporate into the milk/sugar. From that point on nothing seems to be going right in the rest of the process.

Dec 17, 2019
It Works NEW
by: Suzanne A

I have been making fudge for years. And I just created the worst batch I've ever seen. The butter had separated 100% from the chocolate, the chocolate had rolled up into hard, little balls. So I did as it says here, I dumped it back into the pan and poured the butter back in. Added a few tablespoons of water, turned up the heat and stirred. I was worried I was going to break my wooden spoon. Then after about 5 minutes, it softened right up. Smooth, creamy, melt in your mouth fudge. Just like I hoped.

Dec 08, 2019

I have also found that if you don't get enough Baking Cocoa into the mixture, you could get a greasy fudge. Baking Cocoa absorbs the butter residue.

Dec 08, 2019

I have also found that if you don't get enough Baking Cocoa into the mixture, you could get a greasy fudge. Baking Cocoa absorbs the butter residue.

Dec 03, 2019
It Worked! NEW
by: Amy

Made a double batch with dark chocolate that separated and looked grainy-other three came out perfect. Googled to see what went wrong, found this site, put the whole mess back in the pan, med heat, started adding water-5TBS and a TS and IT WORKED! Beautiful, smooth fudge! I'm so happy, thank you!

Oct 08, 2019
Can.greasy fudge be prevented NEW

Wondering if a small amount of water could be added right after the chocolate is added but before the butter starts to ooze out. Any suggestions appreciated.

Sep 09, 2019
Humility Fudge
by: Pam

I was making fudge fo take for my week of quilting in Michigan. Of course at the last minute so was preoccupied. I’ve made it so many times but this time it seized. Hubby helped me siphon the butter off. I thought it was ruined and called it my humility fudge since one friend usually makes it and hers is perfect (like her quilting). But found this and after washing the pot, threw it all back in and it took 5 T water but it’s BEAUTIFUL. I know there must be a parable in here - but just praising YOU and God for my redeemed fudge! Thank you! 🥰

Jun 07, 2019
Fix fudge with water
by: Claudette

Very hard to believe that a few tbsp. Of water would fix the oily and granular blob. Yes, it turned out very creamy. I was so happy

Dec 29, 2018
Water-Works even with “Famous Fudge” kit
by: Sheri W

I read a tip about using a brush with water on the sides of the pan while cooking the sugar mixture to prevent crystals forming on the sides of the pan AFTER I made a quick batch for the kids. So too late to help this batch which got grainy and started to separate with the butter oil oozing to the top. I knew there were problems though right after the marshmallows and chocolate chips were stirred in even though following the directions, because it "seized up". But came here and Found this fudge saving tip! So happy to know I could put it back in the pan over medium heat and add water a tablespoon at a time to get it smooth. I read some people added 4 Tbsp. I only needed 2 Tbsp for the amount in this size batch. It de-crystallized it beautifully and I got to pour a smooth creamy batch in my foil lined 8x8 pan! I did not have a double boiler just a thick anodized non-stick pot. I am SO Grateful for all the sharing on here!!Thank you!!

Dec 28, 2018
It worked!
by: Jo

I had two batches of fudge that turned greasy and lumpy and adding 4 teaspoons of warm water over medium heat fixed it!!
I’ve used this recope for decades but the past few times the fudge separated. So glad to have this solution.

Dec 25, 2018
Wow. It actually does work.
by: Katie

I really can't believe I lucked into finding this page and Andrea's tip. The WORST looking fudge I've ever made was saved by a trip back into the pot (low heat), 4T warm water, and some stirring. It came back to life beautifully. I'm actually pretty shocked right now. Thanks so much! Merry Christmas!

Dec 24, 2018
I'll be darned...
by: Becky

The water trick totally worked! I have no scientific explanation for it, since it's always been my understanding that water will make chocolate seize. I got the same crumbly, grainy, oily mess everyone else here did, and it was remelting it in a double boiler and adding exactly the 4T of water gradually that did the trick. Lots of fudge compliments at last night's family holiday gathering. Thank you!!

Dec 23, 2018
It is a miracle
by: C Grippin

Thank you so very much. The water worked a miracle for me and my fudge. I too have been making this fudge and to throw it out (cost plus I love it) was going to be a heart breaker. But I looked it up and decided to try before throwing it out. And it worked. Thank you so much. I have to remember this next time.

Dec 23, 2018
by: Sherry

Just like everyone else I wound up with this grainy, greasy mess. I wanted to try another batch so I thought I would check and see what I might have done wrong as it has been quite a while since I made fudge. Reheating the mess and 4 tablespoons of water later and I have fudge! I feel vindicated! Thanks for posting this! ❤️

Dec 22, 2018
No Fail Fudge Failed
by: Julie

I haven't made fudge in years, but when I am troubled about something, I cook and ponder it out. Tonight's adventure was fudge and instead of being soothing and peaceful, it was a stressful mess of greasy globs. I sopped some of the grease up with paper towel and seriously considered chunking the whole mess. I'm really too cheap to do that so I "googled" greasy fudge and this thread came up. Hallelujah! Added, one at a time, 4 Tbsps of water while heating the blob on medium low heat and very quickly it melted into the expected silky smooth chocolate heaven it was intended to be. THANK YOU!

Dec 22, 2018

I had the same problem as most here, after years of using the same ingredients and doing everything the same way. The fudge crumbled and was greasy. But I added the water (5 table spoons) and reheated the fudge to a creamy condition. Thank you!

Dec 20, 2018
not working?
by: Sophie

Hi all - haven't had any positive results from using water to remedy greasy fudge. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or not - I add 1tbsp water back to my fudge and reheat, stir vigorously the whole time, & remove from heat once it looks creamier, but unfortunately as I keep mixing it it just turns greasy again. Am I missing something...? Have sadly wasted three batches of fudge now from a past recipe that has worked wonders

Dec 19, 2018
It Worked!!!

I just made fudge from the recipe on the side of the marshmallow creme jar. I have used this recipe every year and for some reason I had the same problem as others here. After pouring it into the pan to cool, an oily layer formed on the top. Instead of throwing it out, I googled it and found this site. I am so glad too!! Your tip to put it back into the pan, heat and add the water did the trick! Thank you soooo much!

Dec 19, 2018
Water totally worked!

I have made the fudge recipe on the side of the jet puffed marshmallow over the years and the last two times I made it had an issue of butter separation and having the fudge not fully set... And after looking this up, my yucky paste turned earlier tonight turned into beautiful smooth fudge! 1 tbs. Water added separately over med. heat with constant stirring is magic! Thanks everyone for the comments!

Dec 18, 2018
It Worked!!!!
by: Connie T

I can’t believe it!!!! Saved my fudge. I almost dumped in the trash. Added the warm water. 5 tablespoons for my crumbly oily muck.,,and magic.....creamy fudge. Woohoo

Dec 17, 2018
by: Tammy

Oh thank you soooo much! A miracle! I’ve had the same happen many times in the past and then again tonight. The worst! I was so upset so I decided to finally look for a solution! I could not believe how many people have had the same problem! Needless to say the water worked and I am so grateful for the solution!! Thanks again!!!

Dec 15, 2018
by: Dianna

I was ready to dump the whole batch. Decided to try Google.Thank you so much. didn't expect that to work, but You saved my fuudge.

Dec 13, 2018
Andrea save the day!!
by: Rita

Thank you so much, Andrea, for the easy fix to my first fail with fudge. It worked and my Christmas fudge is now beautiful!

Dec 13, 2018
by: Atlanta

I have been using the same products to make fudge and the same recipe for about 5 or 6 years. I got that greasy residue and wondered what I had done wrong? So I let it sit for about an hour or two before the light bulb went off to see if google had an answer? I got excited when I discovered there was a way to salvage all of that butter and sugar. So I put it back in the pot, heated it, and added the 4 tablespoons of water , one at a time. WOW !
It worked! Thanks you for this site.

Dec 11, 2018
Didn't work for me
by: Diane

I put it back in a double boiler and added the water. No help. I've never had fudge fail like this. Very disappointed. Expensive disaster.

Dec 10, 2018
My Fudge Saved!
by: Deb

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! That is all I can say! The water trick works!

Dec 09, 2018
by: PAM


Oct 27, 2018
Worked wonders

What frustration when companies start making "cheap" products that used to work. I even looked on the chocolate packages and they all said "cocoa butter." Glad I found this information or my son wouldn't be able to have beautiful, creamy fudge that he has been asking about for weeks. So glad the water brought the greasy mess back together!

Oct 12, 2018
by: Andrea

In case you couldn't scroll down enough to see the fix... Reheat your greasy, clumpy mess over double boiler and add a few tablespoons of warm water, one at a time while continuously stirring. Good luck!

Oct 12, 2018
Greasy Fudge
by: Tammy Noble

I don't see Andrea comment on how much or how to add the water? Please help!

Aug 11, 2018
Perfect remedy for fudge
by: Yvonne, UK

Thank goodness for the internet, found your page and gave your remedy a try. Wonderful! A greasy mess turned into a smooth fudge! Many thanks.

Feb 24, 2018
Greasy grainy fudge!
by: Donna P

Before throwing my gross fudge away I thought I would try the reheat and add water and it worked!
Smooth creamy fudge!
Thank you for the great tip

Feb 18, 2018
by: 8th generation fudger

Ok, just like the others, for the 1st time ever I ended up with grains and grease (took a chance on a new butter) and I even let is sit for 2 hours...then I read this! Put it back on the stove, added 4 tbls of water and a chunk more of butter (cuz I drained a good amount off the pan) reheated on low and stirred...WALLAH! Good as ever!!! Thanks a million for the tip!

Jan 30, 2018
Water fixed it!!
by: Oliverrr

Thank you Andrea! Reheat with water saved my fudge! It clearly separated- when I put it in pan it was greasy and butter pooling on top. Used 4 tbls of water and it was perfect!!! 😘

Dec 28, 2017
Thanks for the fudge save
by: Jamie

Thank you Andrew! Tried reheating with 3-4 Tbsp warm warm. Now it is smooth and setting up! Not sure why I have had problems with the fudge either.

Dec 25, 2017
From greasy grit to glass
by: Andrew

Reheating with a little water rescued mine too, in minutes. I have no idea why this batch separated - I thought I did everything the same as always. Now we'll see if it hardens normally.

Dec 24, 2017
Thank you Andrea!!! The saver of fudge!
by: Amanda

Thank you sooo much Andrea!! I followed your tip. I ended up using exactly 4 tablespoons of water and and very low gradual heat for the reheating part!! It came back together! It was a grainy greasy mess and now it's perfect!!! You saved the Christmas fudge!!

Dec 24, 2017

Does anyone know of chocolate chips that use cocoa butter instead of oil.
And, the water worked.

Dec 23, 2017
Rescued fudge!
by: Elliott

Similar story here. 20 years of the same recipe made the same way with the same thermometer. I make a very large batch, about 20# and it was looking like the great big fudge failure of 2017. I was about to toss it when I found this thread. Now it’s the great fudge miracle of 2017 thanks to the above warm water and re-heat trick. Thank you! It might end of as one of the smoothest batches ever!

Dec 23, 2017
Greasy fudge
by: Sharon T

I can’t believe it! It worked! Thank you Andrea!!!

Dec 21, 2017
by: Staci

Thank you Andrea!
You saved my bacon. I received a last minute order for 10lbs of milk chocolate fudge and my fool proof recipe did the greasy clump thing.
The water saved it and my sanity!
Thank you!

Dec 21, 2017
Another Victim

I echo what others are saying. I have made this fudge for45 years. In recent years it started separating while I was stirring in the chips and marshmallow cream. I had not put in the vanilla, yet. I disagree that the vanilla is causing it. I cut down the amount of butter but it still happened. This year was the worst. I kept sopping up butter after I put it in the pan, paper towel after paper towel.

In dismay I came to the computer and found your comments. I went back and tried your remedy. It was still hot, but so grainy and chunky that I added almost 4T of hot water before it finally began to get creamy. I have poured it back in the pan and hope I have not overdone it.

What is causing it? My original recipe called for 8oz. of marshmallow cream, but when it first changed to 7oz. it worked just as well, and I had no problem. I think it has to be the Nestle chocolate chips which I have always used.

Dec 21, 2017
by: Anonymous

I found this fix just in time and it worked beautifully. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dec 21, 2017
Water trick

Thanks so much for this! I moved to a high altitude place a few years ago and it has been painful to wrestle with my previously foolproof fudge recipe. This saved my batch. Thanks again.

Dec 20, 2017
Saved from Xmas Meltdown
by: Tod

One batch went in the trash before we found this, but three more saved by simply reheating with a little water. If you are using the See's recipe, finish the entire process. Do not despair and stop early. When done you may have a dry mess. Put it back on the stove with two tablespoons of water. Stir vigerously while melting. In a couple minutes all the graininess will melt away and you'll have the consistency you are used to.

Dec 20, 2017
by: Christine

My fudge was a mess until I found the comment from Andrea with the easy fix! Thank you so much!!

Dec 20, 2017
Fudge Fix

Andrea, thanks for you fudge fix. I followed your advice and my grainy, oily mess turned into perfect fudge. You just saved me a lot of money and time.

Dec 20, 2017
by: Andrea

So glad my find has been helpful to others! Happy fudge-making! ;)

Dec 20, 2017
Adding Water Worked!
by: Lauren

Thank you to the commenter who said to add a little water and reheat. Totally worked!

Dec 19, 2017
Greasy Mess Fixed
by: Karen

Thank you Andrea for your information on how to fix a greasy mess. I was beside myself with what should have been a wonderful batch of fudge, but was instead a ugly mess. Taking the advice given, I put the fudge into a large pan, adding a tablespoon of warm water and then reheating. I was pleasantly surprised, it worked! Saving approximately 5 pounds of expensive ingredients and the time and the work involved.

Dec 18, 2017
Found a fix!!!!
by: Andrea

Hey fudge-making lovers,
I too have been making the same fudge recipe for nearly 20 years, and would have said my recipe was fool-proof. Until today, when i googled and found your forum because my fudge separated into a globby, oily mess. I considered tossig it, or eating it anyway, but then decided to keep probing Google. What I found was a trick on the site below (haven't tested her recipe, just the fix). I reheated my mess, and added a tablespoon of warm water, maybe 4 times, and kept stirring until, magic!!!! Creamy fudge was back!!!! Try it!

Dec 15, 2017
Question to Janis Moore
by: Michelle

So are you saying that you feel the first batch was cooked to high?

Dec 12, 2017
Greasy residue on fudge
by: Janis Moore

Just made 2 batches of fudge, 1st one is greasy and grainy, had to push it into pan, 2nd batch came out perfectly. Only difference was used a new thermometer on the 1st batch, I think it reads just differently enough that the butter, milk and sugar boiled to a degree or 2 higher than the 234 degrees the recipe calls for. I have been making this exact recipe for over 35 years, this is first time I've had a failure. Back to the store for more ingredients.

Dec 08, 2017
by: Janice KBA

7 Dec 2017 wrote first note on results of 1st batch of fudge made with Ghirardelli 60% chocolate. Second batch made with Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate turned out better. Just a little separation but not as grainy. Did use vanilla and added after chocolate & marshmallow cream was thoroughly mixed. First batch cooked to 240 degrees (softball) and second batch temp was up to around 228. : O )

Dec 07, 2017
by: Janice KBA

Fudge ingredients – Kraft marshmallow cream, evaporated milk, organic sugar (Costco Kirkland brand), Ghirardelli 60% chocolate chips, organic butter with salt (Costco Kirkland brand) & ‘Pure Vanilla’ (vanilla bean extractives in water & alcohol 35%). Been making this recipe at least 37 years and find it a challenge on gas stoves. Today (7 Dec 2017), there was separation and fudge is grainy. Seemed the texture turned grainy after adding vanilla. Will try another batch using Ghirardelli milk chocolate and no vanilla. More to follow. : O )

Feb 06, 2017
Forgotten Thread!
by: Loretta

Oh my goodness, I had completely forgotten about this! So, I'm thinking soon of trying this again, but using better quality ingredients. It has been a few years since I last made any using this recipe. When I do, I'll do my best to try and remember to post results here.

Feb 06, 2017
Greasy Fudge/Vanilla Extract
by: NTB

I also see the problem after adding vanilla extract, near the end of the mixing process. The problem is worse with recipes that include butter. has a butter-free fudge recipe from Anne Thorton that has much less fat separation.

The problem might come from a change in vanilla extract manufacturing. The label lists "vanilla bean extractives in water" plus alcohol (McCormick brand). Water can cause fat separation, so I might try a different brand.

Dec 30, 2016
Greasy fudge
by: Jkhr

My problem comes when I add the vanilla or other alcohol based flavoring. I specifically shopped for chocolate without palm oil this year, and everything is fine as I combine my ingredients, but the minute I stir in the vanilla it separates into chocolate goop & oil. I'm thinking of leaving it out to see if it will set up without vanilla.

Dec 24, 2016

I have tried 3 batches of fudge this past week. A lot of money wasted :(. I have followed the same recipe for as long as I can remember. I think it's a See's fudge recipe from way back when. Recipe has been passed down to my mom and to Every time I have made it, it comes out smooth and creamy. All 3 batches are dry and greasy. It's gross and wouldn't want anyone to eat it. I am really bummed this year.

Dec 20, 2016
Greasy residue after making fudge
by: Stacey

I am having the samme issue this year! I have been making fudge for over 10 years and this is the first year I have had grease floating on top of the fudge. I have a candy thermometer and thought I was cooking it too long but made a second batch to make sure and there it was again! I'm also using the same ingredients/brands I have in the past. It could be the the butter or chocolate like I read in earlier emails. My peanut butter fudge is ok so it may in fact be the chocolate I'm using.

Dec 18, 2016
greasy residue after making fudge

I have had exactly the same problem with a tried and true fudge recipe. The flavor is still there but I don't get the smooth top anymore and there is grease.

It may be the butter because I am having the same issue with my zucchini recipe falling and being greasy.

Any suggestions or answers found yet?

Apr 11, 2016
Greasy Fudge

We have a candy business that we took over from my dad. He has been making fudge for thirty years and just now we are starting to have problems with the chocolate fudge. the other ones seem ok, but it's the chocolate one when we make a smaller batch, it separates. wondering what to do? Does the temperature have any thing to do with it? some stoves burn hotter than others, gas vs electric?

Nov 28, 2015
nuts oils
by: Deborah Fortin

Could the oil be frome not stirring enough?

Dec 01, 2011
Thank You!!!
by: Loretta

Thank you very much Angie for your feed back. I have been contemplating changing brands on almost all ingredients to see if that helps. Also other small changes are being considered as well. One again, thank you for your time and feedback.

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