A Giant Chocolate Bar
Say I Love You In A "Big" Way

giant chocolate bar

A giant chocolate bar is a great idea when you are looking for a gift for that person who has everything, or for someone who is a die-hard chocolate lover.

That would be me! I love chocolate, so a giant candy bar is right up my alley. The bigger the better, I say. How about you?

If you want to splurge on giant chocolate candy bars for your nearest and dearest, you might as well get the "good stuff." By that I mean you should really indulge in some Belgian chocolate or maybe Guittard gourmet chocolate.

In fact, Guittard makes an amazing giant 10 lb. chocolate bar in a variety of delicious flavors.   You'll find them at a place called Heavy Chocolate

I don't always have to have the "good stuff." I can be rather pedestrian in my chocolate tastes - or so I've been told.

I'm happy with plain old Hershey's chocolate. In fact, I adore it! Imagine my pleasure in receiving a 5 lb. giant chocolate Hershey bar.

Yep, Candy Warehouse has them, too. They even sometimes carry a Giant Nestle Crunch bar (over 9 lbs.) and a super-sized Toblerone! I've also got a variety of options below for you to drool over and select as gifts.

Decisions, decisions... ...how will you ever decide?

Guittard Chocolate 10 Pound Bulk bar

You could send someone a giant candy bar with a note that says something like,"The world's largest candy bar for the world's greatest Dad!" Of course, you could substitute Dad with Mom, Sister, Brother, Friend, Husband, Wife, Lover, Son, Daughter...

...okay, you get the idea. :)

You may just be looking for a large amount of chocolate for making your own special chocolate treats. You can't go past Guittard chocolate and at this price per pound, you are not likely to find it anywhere else cheaper.

You can shave it, melt it, cut it up in pieces, or just dive right in teeth first.

I hope you enjoy this idea of giant chocolate bars as much as I do. I thought it was a great discovery. Besides giant candy bars, you can get other giant chocolate treats. Take a look!

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