Funny Valentine's Day

by Roxanneland

Funny Valentine's Day - Valentine Stranger

I was standing at the crowded baggage carousel.
I had just returned from a visit with a long time friend who works for Victoria's Secret. During my visit the store was having a huge sale and I stocked up on bra's, panties, lingerie...big time !!!

I waited as the first few bags came out, and I was happy mine was among them. I eased my way through the crowd and grabbed my over stuffed bag with a sharp jerk.....when I heard a loud rip, the handle and top of the bag came away in my hand. the rest of the bag spilled open...scattering my bras, panties, lingerie all over.

I wanted to die ! I began chasing them madly, when a tall, long, dark maned musician put down his guitar case and came to my aid, to the amusement of the whole room, started handing me back my bras and panties. (lol

Of course I had to thank him, so we shared a good laugh and a great bottle of wine. It was a great Valentine's Day afternoon. He rocked.

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