Funny Valentine Cards

by Vaishnavi
(Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India)

Funny Valentine Cards Ideas

Expressing Love in Various Languages

j ai tame (french)
mo ni fe e (yoruba)
seni seviyorum (turkish)
ia tebia lublu (russian)
medi wo (ghana)
te iubese (romanian)
o hi bok (arabic)
wo ai ni (mandarin)
aisitelu (japanese)
mai thenu pyaar kartha hu (punjabi)
mai thane prem karu chu (gujarthi)
mai thumse pyaar karthi hu (hindi)
nanu nenu pramikunu (malayalam)
nanu prame chesthunanu (telugu)
nanu nena sneha maduthuni (kannada)
nan unnai kathalikaren (tamil)
i love you (english)


Thanks for showing us all the many ways to say I love you in different languages. This is a great idea for making a funny valentine card.

On the outside use the languages that would be the most foreign and difficult for your loved one to understand.

Then on the inside include the more familiar languages. Finally, in big bold print, use your/their language.

I made a funny card like that one time for someone who was leaving and wrote "good-bye" in a variety of foreign languages, but this idea is even better.

Another option is to put little sticky notes all over the house with a different language on each one. Your husband, wife, or kids may think your nuts, but they'll probably enjoy trying to figure out what in the world you have written.

Does anyone else have any ideas to elaborate on this one? Do tell...

~ Angie

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