Fudge Is Not Soft

by Kath

My homemade fudge is not soft. It is hard.

It tastes like fudge but is just not the right texture. I am making it for the church holly market and I am about to throw it out the window. Can you help?

I am using...
  • 900g sugar
  • 112g butter
  • 410g of whole milk
  • colouring and flavours

The process is heating slowly until dissolved, bringing to the boil, reducing the heat and maintaining a steady boil until it reaches 240f.

Standing for 5 minutes then beating in the flavouring and colour if used.

Hi Kath,

I haven't used that particular fudge recipe, but you may be able to simply lower the cooking temperature by about 5 degrees and see if that helps.

There are different types of fudge. I've had both firm/hard and soft. I prefer soft myself, too. But, like you said, it still tastes good when it's hard - just different.

I would certainly NOT throw it out the window! :) Mmmmm. That would be a real shame.

I prefer this much simpler microwave fudge recipe called Fantasy Fudge. It's so quick and easy, and it is soft and delicious.

Maybe some other fudge lovers will also comment on your fudge dilemma and provide some additional advice or tips to get your recipe to work more like you want.


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Oct 23, 2010
Fudge Recipe
by: Diane

sorry, forgot to post the recipe:

1 lb bag dark chocolate melting wafers
1 lb bag peanut butter wafers
18 oz jar peanut butter (I have used both chunky & smooth)

Melt altogether (I have a candy melter I use) and pour in 8x8 pan or whatever shape pan you want. I have used this in my roses candy mold. Refrigerate for about an hour.

Oct 23, 2010
Fudge Recipe
by: Diane

I have a fudge recipe that takes only three ingredients which I am going to post here for you. Not sure if you like peanut butter but the recipe is for dark chocolate peanut butter fudge using melting wafers.

I like the consistency of this fudge because I am able to use it in my candy molds. I've made this numerous times and I also use it in my candymaking class that I teach and so far haven't had any problems.

If you have any questions you can email me @[email protected].

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