Fudge Filled Ice Cream Cones

by JC

Ideas For Making Fudge Filled Ice Cream Cones

Ideas For Making Fudge Filled Ice Cream Cones

Need some tips for making fudge filled cones...

I recall seeing these in a shop. Tiny Cones filled with fudge. Has anyone ever made these?

I know it sounds self explanatory but just wondering how much fudge you would fill the tiny cones with?

Hi JC,

I haven't seen the fudge filled cones in person, though I have to admit that it sounds like an intriguing idea.

I definitely think you'd want to stick with the mini cones because otherwise you'd have an awful lot of fudge per serving. I personally could eat that much fudge in one sitting without batting an eye, but it's not the wisest course of action.

I also think my own preference would be those sugar cones. They have that interesting flavor that would combine well with fudge.

Of course, almost anything goes good with fudge! :)

As for the amount of fudge per cone, it's really just a matter of preference, I suppose. It would be nice to fill them close to the top (maybe with about a 1/4" gap) and then sprinkle chopped nuts, toffee bits, raisins, coconut, or jimmies, etc., for a decorative look.

These fudge filled ice cream cones could turn into a cute little party favor, couldn't they?! Chocolate fudge is my favorite, but you could use just about any flavor you fancy. I also love peanut butter, maple, vanilla, mint, etc.

The possibilities seem endless! If you or anyone else makes these, please do send us some photos so we can add them to this page and inspire more people to give them a try.


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May 02, 2015
Mini ice cream cones NEW
by: June

Looking for the recipe for the sticky substance that is under the fudge topping on the cone. Thank you!!

Nov 16, 2014
Fudge cones NEW
by: Debby

They are delish. But they are more like a carmel than fudge. Yummy

Apr 27, 2012
Freezing Fudge Filled Cones NEW
by: Angie

That's a good question. I've frozen fudge before, but I don't think I've ever had occasion to freeze ice cream cones themselves.

Part of me says that it shouldn't be a problem while the other part is worried about moisture/condensation perhaps making the cone part "soggy" when it is eventually defrosted.

If you DO decide to try freezing your fudge filled ice cream cones, it would be best to place them in an airtight container. Also, when you defrost them, cover the container with a towel until it returns to room temperature to reduce possible condensation.

Let me know if that works! :)

Apr 27, 2012
Fudge cones....can they be frozen? NEW
by: Anonymous

Can you freeze these fudge cones?

Feb 28, 2011
Fudge cones- what a hit!
by: The Fudge Lady

I ate these as a kid when they cost 5 cents each. there was kind of a gooey syrup in the cone under the fudge. I have seen recipes for them as well, but what I do is the best- I use soft fudge and with a melon baller, scoop fudge into a mini cone- people love these at our Saturday market.

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