Freezing Molded Chocolates

by Barb English

I have a question about freezing molded chocolates.

I'm melting chocolate candy melts, spooning the melted chocolate into molds and then putting them into the freezer to harden.

When they're hard and out of the molds I'm layering the chocolates in a container, wax paper in between each layer and putting the container back in the freezer.

I'm using the molded chocolates to top cupcakes but not until Nov. 12th.

I know chocolate turns white after it's in the freezer for a while. Will they be OK in the freezer till Nov 12th or should I wait and do them closer to the date I need them?

Hi Barb,

Well, unfortunately there is no guarantee that the molded chocolates would not bloom no matter how short a period of time they spend in the freezer.

If you feel you must freeze them, your best chance of keeping the bloom away is to wrap the container very well before freezing and leave it wrapped when you take it out until it comes to room temperature again.

If you have an air conditioned home (or otherwise cool enough temperatures in the home), you should be able to keep the container of molded chocolates at room temperature until November 12 without any difficulty.

If you really need to be sure that your candy is unblemished, avoid freezing molded chocolates whenever possible.


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Oct 21, 2011
Freezing chocolate
by: Anonymous

Thanks Angie,

What a great resource you are !! I hope my question and your response will help others as much as it's helped me.

Thanks again for your wisdom !!

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