Freezing Cookies

by Tina
(Sartell, MN)

My question is about freezing cookies.

Can I thaw my cookies, frost them, then refreeze them?

I made gingerbread and sugar cookies, but I will be giving them out weeks apart. They are already baked and frozen now. Can they be thawed, frosted and then frozen again?

How long of a shelf life do cookies have?

Hi Tina,

Sounds like you've been doing a lot of baking! I wouldn't suggest thawing, frosting, and then refreezing the cookies.

It is most likely that the change in moisture repeatedly will change the texture of the cookies and you won't be happy with the results.

It would have been best if you had frosted the cookies before you froze them in the first place.

Since it's too late for that, just thaw them and frost them right before you are ready to give out each batch. You'll have the best results that way.

Generally speaking, cookies can keep well in the freezer for a few months if they are well wrapped. Once they have been thawed, they need to be eaten fairly quickly, just like fresh baked cookies.

What you CAN do if you need to is make up your frosting ahead of time and either refrigerate it or freeze it so that you won't have the added work each time you need to frost a batch.

Have fun!

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Oct 20, 2011
Freezing Cookies
by: Angie

That's a tough one! I'd really prefer to have the cookies within 24-36 hours of thawing, so I guess to be on the safe side, I'd transport them in a freezer bag if possible.

I guess a lot depends on the type of cookie, etc.

Is there any way you can take one of the cookies out now and place it in an airtight container for a couple of days (the length of time you need them to be fresh for) and then taste test?

You can then judge for yourself to see if you will be happy with the quality. :)

Do let us know how it turns out!

Oct 19, 2011
Shelf after freezing
by: Anonymous

I would like to know if i take out of freezer fly to new york from la on thurs. Then take to wedding site fri and people get there cookies sat that tooo long? Should i tranort in freezer bag?

Dec 15, 2010
Re-freeze cookies
by: Angie

You "can" re-freeze cookies, but they really won't taste as nice as they would if you didn't. There may be some types of cookies that are an exception, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

Dec 15, 2010
Freezing Cookies
by: Karen

Could I freeze baked cookies, defrost them, then refreeze them??

Dec 15, 2010
Freezing Cookies
by: Karen

Could I freeze baked cookies, defrost them, then refreeze them??

Jun 04, 2009
by: Judyn2naturalAnonymous

Whenever we freeze something or microwave it, 25% of the nutrition is lost. If that's OK, go ahead!

Nov 07, 2008
Frosting Frozen Cookies or Biscuits?
by: Angie

Hi Susan!

I suppose you could give it a try, but I it might depend on the type of frosting you are using. Some types may not stick very well to frozen cookies or biscuits.

Maybe Tina can test this method and see if it works for her. It's a good suggestion from you. Thanks for the additional input!


Nov 07, 2008
Frost freeze??
by: Susan


I was wondering, could you also frost them when they are still frozen and pop them straight back in the freezer?

Just a thought!

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