Fondant Filling For Chocolate Bon Bon

by Mandy
(Colorado Springs, CO)

Now that I finally got down how to make fondant, I wanted to now make an orange flavor filling made out of the fondant that I just made.

I melted down the fondant in a double boiler. Then I took two oranges and shaved some of the outside rind with a small grater.

I peeled the orange, cut it down and put it in a food processor (the food processor may not have been necessary). Then I sifted that through some cheese cloth. I cooked up the juice to cook off the water.

Once it was cooked down, I also put some of the rind in the melted fondant. I mixed it all up. It tastes great.

But my problem now is that the fondant is too runny with the added orange juice. I thought maybe it will get thicker again once it cooled. But it does not look like it.

I would like it to be a paste like. How do I get it to thicken?

I wanted this to be all natural and no additive flavoring. But there are some all natural ones out there. If I were to use that, I would only have to use a few drops of a all natural flavoring. That might be the answer.

But I thought that I would still write and get your opinions. Is there a way that I can thicken up my filling?

Thank you.. Mandy

Hi Mandy,

I'm thrilled with your enthusiasm and the great progress you are making in your candy making ventures. You're doing wonderfully well.

How about using some powdered sugar (also called icing sugar or confectioner's sugar) to knead into the fondant to thicken it back up? It should work okay, the question is whether or not you will like the resulting flavor as much as you do now.

Keep us posted on your experiments and progress. We can all learn together. :)


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May 02, 2011

Hi, I need to make chocolates for a Christmas Market
and want to make chocolates for diabetes. My problem is that I need recipes for fillings, can you perhaps help me.

I will really appreciate it

Have a nice day


Mar 15, 2011
ohh yes that is a good thought
by: Mandy

Thank you. I did not even think of that. Good suggestion. Thanks for posting it! I'll have to try that next time. Sincerely, Mandy

Mar 11, 2011
Another thought on flavored fondant filling
by: Angie

Hi Mandy,

I had another thought on making your flavored fondant filling. Too late for this batch, but I wonder if you would get a better result by NOT melting down your fondant to add your homemade orange flavoring.

Once you've reduced down your orange mixture, why not just try kneading it directly into your prepared fondant while it is firm. By kneading the mixture, you should be able to get the orange flavor all through it and you won't have to worry so much about it getting too runny.

Does that sound do-able to you?


Mar 11, 2011
Thank you for the encouragement
by: Mandy

Thank you for the encouragement! I really appreciate that I can post questions here and get help with the learning process!

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