Foam Eggs

by Kate
(New York)

Foam Eggs (photo from

Foam Eggs (photo from

My son and I every year love to decorate our house for any holiday, but Easter is one of our favorites!

The week before Easter we gather around our kitchen table and make foam eggs.

You can buy a bulk pack of craft foam sheets at any craft store and they are great to keep on hand.

These foam packs come in a all different ranges of color but for this particular holiday we stick to the traditional pastels. We start by cutting an oval in any color we choose and then add on the accents.

We use specialty craft scissors to create colorful designs and patterns. We don't stick to the standard colors and styles. I really encourage him to make them his own.

The night before Easter after he has gone to bed, my husband and I hide the foam eggs all over the house and once he's found them all he gets his prize, which is usually a home made Easter basket.

This is a great craft because it not only is fun but it is a good way to spend quality time with your family!

Hi Kate,

Thanks for this simple but cute idea that would make an "eggcellent" Easter craft for kids. :)

It would make a good Easter craft project for a school or Sunday School class too.

Thanks again for adding it!


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