Fish Bowl Cake

by Jade
(Woodbury, MN)

Fish Bowl Cake

Fish Bowl Cake

This fish bowl cake was made for my sister's boyfriend's birthday.

She wanted to make something for a guy and since he likes to fish this was something that came about.

It's a white cake with the blue butter cream frosting and decorations. The cake was made from scratch since he didn't want such a sweet cake.

We just found a recipe for a white cake online and altered it to fit what we wanted. We also added M&M's, fruit snacks, and jelly beans for the rocks and other stuff.

It really wasn't so bad for just a couple of hours making. Imagine if we had a week or longer! Oh the possibilities!

This cake can really be made for anyone. Since it was the first cake we made like this, we thought we did pretty good. I'll post more if I ever make another one. Keep baking!

Hi Jade,

So glad you posted this wonderful cake you made to look like a fish bowl. I think you girls did a fantastic job. Very clever!

I certainly hope you DO at more of your creations in future both of your candies and cakes. You make such yummy treats that they inspire the rest of us to get baking!


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