Fathers Day Ideas 
Make Dad's Day Extra Special!

Fathers Day ideas that will help you spoil dear old Dad in the way that he deserves can be found right here! It doesn't always have to be expensive to make a gift special and fun.

Candy Bar Cards

One of the most simple but fun things that I have ever made for my own father is a chocolate candy bar card. It's a real laugh trying to come up with clever phrases using a variety of your dad's favorite chocolate candy bars.

"Dear Dad,

I just wanted to TAKE 5 minutes to tell you how SPECIAL you are to me. We've had MOUNDS of fun over the years and a lot of CHUCKLES. It was a real BOUNTY when I SKOR-ed you for a Father. UNO I haven't always been a PICNIC of a kid, but you're the best Dad in the MILKY WAY. I hope this card makes you SNICKER a little and make you feel like 100GRAND.


Personalized Father's Day Gifts

There are personalized Father's Day gift ideas to make your gift extra special. You can choose something as simple as custom chocolate bars

If you are looking for something a bit more "upscale" in the chocolate department, the fabulous chocolates in wooden boxes available at zChocolat.com are amazing and classy.

Father's Day Hobbies and Collectibles

Does your dad enjoy a particular hobby? Consider getting him a subscription to a magazine he can enjoy all year round. You'll find the best prices on magazines at Magazines.com. There's a huge selection of all the most popular magazines, so you're sure to find something he'll love.

Another great option are the collectible gifts from Collectibles Today. They have beautiful gift choices that may become an annual tradition that you can count on adding to his collection each year.

Flowers For Fathers Day?

You may think that Father's Day flowers seems a bit of a strange idea. But wait. Think about it a minute. How many men do you know that love to putter around in the garden? Why should women be the only ones to be treated to a gorgeous bouquet of flowers?

I believe that every blossom was gloriously and intricately designed by a Master Creator. 

Homemade Fathers Day Ideas

Do you want to do it yourself? There are dozens of wonderful recipes here at Chocolate Candy Mall if you want to create your own mouthwatering masterpiece for your dad.

...and that's just to name a few. Have a good look around and see what you think your dad would most enjoy. There are Fathers Day ideas for every palate. You may even decide to make a couple of different recipes and give him a mixed basket of goodies!

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