A Fathers Day Flower
"A Bud For Your Buddy?"

A Fathers Day flower is a lovely idea. It may not be on the list of traditional Fathers Day presents, but flowers for Fathers Day is an idea well worth considering.

My dad and my grandpa were both avid gardeners. They specialized in veggie gardens as well as flowers. Grandpa's gone on to heaven now, and Daddy had a stroke a few years back.

Still, he gets out in the garden every year to put in some flowers and bring some of that beauty into the house in vases for Mom.

Who says men don't like flowers?

If you've never given your father, husband, or brother the gift of flowers, why not give it a try? You may be surprised at their reaction. 

Guys can appreciate the intricate beauty of a blossoming bud just as much as any female can. I bet your fella would be flattered and secretly pleased to be given a bouquet of fresh flowers or a plant that they can nurture.

Chocolate Fathers Day Flower

Instead of a traditional flower, you may want to present your father with a bouquet of chocolate flowers instead.

They are lovely to look at and even lovelier to eat!

You can buy real or chocolate flowers for your dad, or go all out and buy him both! There is such a beautiful selection of flowers from which to choose, or you could even opt for a plant.

Make Your Own Chocolate Flowers

If you want to make chocolate flowers for Father's Day, that's not as hard as you might imagine. There are a couple of different options. 

  1. Use Chocolate Molds - Chocolate flower molds are so easy to use and a lot of fun for the kids to create their own chocolate flowers for Dad. You'll find a great selection at Candyland Crafts.

  2. Use Wrapped Chocolates - You can make your own chocolate flower bouquet using your dad's favorite wrapped chocolate candy. You can even use Hershey's kisses to make chocolate candy roses.

So, what do you say? Are you going to spoil your dad with flowers for Father's Day this year?

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