Fathers Day Crafts

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Make Fathers Day crafts with your children or even the kids in your primary school class. 

You don't have to spend a lot of money on making the crafts, but the kids will love having something to give to their dad that they made themselves.

Want a few ideas? How about making chocolate candy bar cards? With a piece of poster board and a few candy bars the kids can create their own unique masterpiece. 

Give them a few ideas to get them started, like...

"You're the best dad in the MILKY WAY!"

"UNO how much we love you!"

"You make us SNICKER with your silly jokes!"

Make Molded Chocolate Candy

Make Molded Chocolate Candy

Another great craft idea is molded chocolates. You can get molds in so many clever shapes and sizes. Candyland Crafts has thousands of molds. They have special molds for Father's Day, or you can just choose a theme you know your man would enjoy, like sports or cars or tools.

Making molded chocolates is not difficult. Follow the directions for how to mold chocolate candy. It's just a matter of gently melting the chocolate and filling the molds. If you are using lollipop molds, you'll want to insert the sticks and give them a twist before the chocolate sets.

It's easy enough for the kids to do and is sure to bring on a lot of chuckles.

Other Craft Ideas for Father's Day

There are plenty of recipes here at Chocolate Candy Mall for making chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate popcorn, fudge, and more.

Any of those recipes will work great as crafts for Father's Day, but if you want something that isn't chocolate, here are a few more suggestions.

The Oriental Trading Company has a nice variety of inexpensive craft kits, even if you are looking for Christian Father's Day crafts. 

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