Fathers Day Cake
Make One or Buy One And Surprise Your Dad!

fathers day cake
fathers day cake
fathers day cake

A Fathers Day cake is a great idea whether you make a creative cake for Fathers Day or order a special cake for your Dad online.

I thought you'd enjoy these cute cake ideas that I found in the Family Fun magazine. You don't have to make them exactly like they do. Use your own imagination and elaborate any way you choose.

Shirt Cake - I remember making a shirt cake for Father's Day at least 20 years ago. It's funny how it never really goes out of style. 

A shirt cake is probably one of the simplest cakes to make. You can use a basic 9x13 pan and just decorate the cake to look like a shirt with the icing. 

If you want to get a bit more elaborate, you can make an additional layer and cut pieces for "short sleeves" and also use candy for the buttons and tie. 

D-A-D Cake - The kids would probably love to make a cake that spells out DAD for Father's Day. 

It's easy. Make one round cake to cut in half for the D's and one square cake to cut into a triangle for the A. Decorate the cakes with any color icing you like. If the kids are helping, let them choose some of their favorite candies for decorating. Go wild!

Remote Control Cake - Is your Dad/Hubby always hogging the clicker to the TV? It would give him a laugh if you presented him with a giant remote control cake.

This is another easy Fathers Day cake to make. You just need to back a 9x13 cake and let it cool. Then trim it up a bit to form the shape of the remote. 

Use M&M's, Skittles, Reese's pieces, or other small candy to make the buttons on the clicker. What could be easier?

Don't Want To Make Your Own Cake For Father's Day?

No problem! There are delicious gourmet cakes you can choose from to have delivered right to Dad's door. Choose a luscious chocolate concoction that will have the whole family drooling. 

Maybe your dad isn't a big chocoholic (strange man). Instead, pick a banana, rum, raspberry or other delectable flavor. There's plenty to choose from, so splurge. 

After all, it is Father's Day and it only comes around once a year. Happy Father's Day!

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