Fast Setting Chocolate Dip?

by Lisa

Does anyone know of a fast setting chocolate dip?

We would like to try chocolate dipping pretzels and cookies for an event but need them to dry FAST so we can literally dip and hand them out.

Is this possible? If so, what do we use?

Thanks a million!

Hi Lisa,

I don't really know of anything you can add to make the chocolate set THAT fast. :) Adding some food grade paraffin wax should help a little, but it still may take several minutes to set, depending on the room temperature.

If there is a fridge and/or freezer at the location of the event, you can pop them in there for a quicker set time.

The other delicious option would be to make the event a fondue type party. Use a fondue fountain and let everyone dip and eat their own cookies, pretzels, and other goodies (fruit, marshmallows, nuts, cake cubes, etc.).

Sorry I don't of anything else that will make the chocolate set immediately. If anyone else is familiar with such a product, hopefully they'll add their input below.


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Mar 07, 2014
Fast Setting Chocolate Syrup NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Russell,
They must be using some type of chocolate sauce like that "Magic Shell" that is made by Smuckers or the "Ice Magic" made by Cottees (for those who live here in Australia).

If my memory is correct, ice cream shops have been using something similar to create dipped cones for at least 40 years (since I was a kid), so there is probably a commercial equivalent for those "in the business."

If you just need a small amount, try the Magic Shell or Ice Magic. If you are looking for a large quantity, it wouldn't hurt to ask your local ice cream store where they get there chocolate dipping sauce in bulk and/or if you can buy a bucket through them.

If you want to make your own, you can just get some organic cold pressed coconut oil and melt it together with your favorite chocolate. Coconut oil sets quickly when the temperature drops (which is what they use in the Magic Shell) so that's why you get that fast freeze effect.

That's what I would do! ;)

Mar 07, 2014
Fast Setting.
by: Russell

There are places in California called Fosters Freeze. They take a ice cream cone and dip it in chocolate syrup and it sets instantly.
How do they do that?

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