Eternal Thanks

by George Hatcher
(Merritt Island, FL)


Chocolate "Gold coins, baby."

I received these clever personalized foil chocolate gold coins as "Eternal Thanks" from Heather, a friend of mine.

It all started with this conversation on gchat:

Heather: Oy. I'm suddenly in the middle of a poking war with the Behdin sisters.

Me: They are pokers, asinine as it may be.

Heather: The best is live poking. Getting people to poke other people for you. When's the next time you'll see Farah and Fere? I need a live poker in FL, dude.

Me: tonight

Heather: Yessssss! You have to poke them for me! Plllllease, George!

Me: Aaaaaand, what's in it for me?

Heather: Uh... my eternal thanks? :-)

Me: hahaha

Heather: You got anything else in mind, mister?

Me: Eternity is a looooooooooooooooooooong time.

Heather: ha ha ha - good point. My thanks until next Thursday?
e: hahahahaha ok deal

Heather: Sweeeet! It has to be all nonchalant, though.

Me: Jokes are good currency in the Hatcher Kingdom.

Heather: lol Awesome. Just poke each of them and then be like, "Oh, that's from Heather."

Me: Oh, so now you're specifying the manner in which I should poke them?

Heather: Oh yes, dear. Oh yes indeed. My thanks is worth a lot. ;-) Gold coins, baby.

Me: That's gonna require your eternal thanks until next Friday at least.

Heather: Hey, I'll make it until Saturday if I get the whole story of how it plays out afterwards. ;-)

Me: lol ok For now I gotta run. Back to work.

Heather: woo hoo! Go send monkeys into space!

Me: Ahem, I'm just gonna let that one go. ciao :D

Heather: ta ta!


The Behdin sisters are mutual friends of ours. The "poking" referred to is that crazy pastime on Facebook. It doesn't really serve any purpose except to remind your online friend of your existence.

So I poked the Behdin sisters in the arm the next time I saw them, and called Heather to tell her about it.

A couple weeks later I got literal gold coins in the mail, with "eternal thanks" pasted on the front. They were chocolate gold coins. And they were delicious.

Heather is quite the creative cat.

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Nov 09, 2007
Simple But Brilliant...
by: Angie

Thanks George! It's a great story and a clever idea. Hopefully it will inspire others to show their gratitude in ingenious little ways that are simple but thoughtful. Kudos to Heather!

Hope you'll make more contributions to Chocolate Candy Mall in the future.

Nov 08, 2007
Better and Better
by: ez

Every time I read it, the story makes me smile broader.

Nov 08, 2007
gold coins
by: joan

Sounds like lots of fun.

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