English Chocolate Candy

gourmet english chocolate candy

You can enjoy English Chocolate Candy and indulge in the luxury of handmade chocolates from the UK.

Most of the visitors to Chocolate Candy Mall are actually located in the United States, but there are quite a few who are visiting from other countries.

In those cases, I understand that sometimes folks don't want to spend the money on international shipping. I'm a bit that way myself. 

If you live in the UK you may want to order English chocolates, and savor the delights that are closest to home. 

Handmade English Chocolate Candy

You can get delicious UK chocolate candy at Aphrodite Handmade Chocolates. As a matter of fact, not only do they offer really scrumptious English chocolates, but they offer free shipping for delivery anywhere in the UK, and their prices are really reasonable. Now, that is a good deal.

But let me say this, if you don't live in the UK, but you want to sample some really find handmade chocolate, it would be worth paying the shipping to indulge in some gourmet handmade chocolates.

Gourmet English Chocolate Candy

One of the finest places to get gourmet English chocolates is a lovely company called the Hotel Chocolat.

They have beautiful boxed chocolates, clever selections for holidays and special occasions, even chocolate gifts to welcome a new baby.

As a runner up for English gourmet chocolates, I'd have to pick Thornton's. 

Thornton's create a wonderful range of some of your old favorites, like Turkish Delight, Treacle, and Chocolate Covered Toffees in all different flavors.

They also have very reasonable prices on lovely little truffle party favors. Thornton's hampers make wonderful gifts, too, if you are looking to really spoil someone!

Chocolate Candy Gift Ideas

chocolate candy gift in wicker box

If you are looking for some really clever chocolate candy gifts you will love the ones at Smart Gift Solutions. They have chocolate hampers as well as an assortment of other chocolate candy gifts. Their shipping rates are very reasonable to anywhere in the UK. 

Another great and iconic English chocolate gift idea is, of course, Cadbury Chocolates. You can order all sorts of Cadbury chocolates, from candy bars to gift baskets, even mix and match your favorites. All of this is available at Cadbury Gifts Direct.

Everyday UK Chocolate Candy

If you are looking for simple everyday chocolate candy like candy bars, individually wrapped candies, candy coins, and other novelty candies then the place I found for you in the UK is Handy Candy.

Take a look and see if they don't have exactly what you are looking for.

Organic Chocolate Candy

organic chocolate bars and gifts

Finally, for those who love organic chocolate, you definitely need to try Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate. They carry some incredible chocolate bars made from organically grown cocoa beans. Really special. 

You can choose from some really classy gift selections, too, if you want to indulge a friend or loved one. Green & Blacks is certainly worth a look.

I hope you find just the right English Chocolate Candy to meet your needs. With a selection like this, you can't really go wrong. Happy hunting.

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