Edible Paint For Chocolate?

by Debbie Hendricks
(Bayside, New York)

Is there such a thing as edible paint for chocolate?

I am making chocolate shoes which are supposed to be black. I was going to use dark chocolate and then sprinkle edible black glitter on it, however the person I am doing it for does not like dark chocolate.

If I make the shoe with milk chocolate, it will be too brown. Is there an edible spray that I can use to cover it in black?

Hi Debbie,

Chocolate shoes? How exciting and unique! I've seen some really gorgeous chocolate candy shoes in specialty chocolate shops, but I haven't attempted to make any myself - at least not yet! :)

I'm thinking about your dilemma and the only edible spray that I can think of (or find) that might work for this situation is the color mist food spray at Candyland Crafts.

To be honest, I don't know how it would work on chocolate, but it's only a few dollars, so you can get some and try it on a plain Hershey bar or something to see if it does the job and gives you the look you want.

Apart from that option, I'm not aware of any edible paint for chocolate, and believe me, I've looked! :)

My first thought when I read your question was to suggest that you just make the chocolate shoes out
of black chocolate melts. However, they are hard to come by this time of year. They are often out at Halloween, but I couldn't locate any for you at the moment. Perhaps you can find some locally.

Of course, if you do locate some black candy wafers/melts then you have to take into consideration whether or not your friend is going to like the taste of them! :) Decisions, decisions!

My third and final suggestion is that you go ahead and make the shoes out of the milk chocolate that your friend really loves and then color them black with this edible glitter.

You'll see they're even illustrating some beautiful chocolate high heel shoes that are covered in red and gold glitter. The good news is that they also have black glitter! :)

Again, this is only a couple of dollars, so maybe you should get the black glitter and the black color mist food spray and experiment.

Now, I DEFINITELY want to see these chocolate shoes when you finish them. So be sure to report back and add some photos to our chocolate candy molds page, with all the details of how you finally got them made and what worked best.

Does anyone else know about a source of edible paint for chocolate? If so, help Debbie out with your suggestions.


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May 09, 2017
edible black paint NEW

Squids ink, intensely black, does not taste of fish, edible and could be used for this purpose.

Jan 24, 2012
Black Chocolate NEW
by: Darla

You can also try black cake decorating icing colors. Just start with a small amount of chocolate and use small amount of icing color to get the shade that you are looking for. You can purchase the small containers of icing color at most stores that carry cake decorating supplies. Good Luck !!!!! Happy Candy Making !!!!

Jan 24, 2012
edible paint for chocolate? NEW
by: Anonymous

if the person likes milk chocolate you might try that with black coloring gel used for candy making. just add the gel until you get the color you are looking for. I would think you could do the same thing with white chocolate. using the milk chocolate allows for you to not use as much gel as you would for the white.

Good luck! -

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