Edible Image/Photo Chocolate Lollipops

by Maria
(Dayton, Ohio)

Hi! You've been so helpful to me, hopefully you or someone out there can help me with another dilemma.

I recently purchased an edible ink printer to expand my business by making edible image/photo chocolate lollipops, business cards, etc. for favors.

I've made many, many of these as tests, and I keep having the same problem... when they come out of the mold, there's small "divots," almost what looks like a reverse air bubble, on the surface of the candy. Sometimes there's one, sometimes 3 or more.

Here's my process... print the image on the frosting sheet, let it dry, put it upside down in the bottom of the mold and cover with chocolate.

I've pressed the images down to get all of the air out, and it always looks like I'm doing fine and the image is flat while I'm adding the chocolate. But EVERY TIME... ugh, the same thing happens.

This happens whether I let the chocolate set up in the freezer or on the kitchen table.

Please help if you can... I really want to do this and for them to look right!


Hi Maria,

The edible image and photo chocolate lollipops sound wonderful. I wish I could help you out with a solution to your dilemma, but I haven't worked with an edible ink printer before.

Maybe someone else who has one will see your post and offer up some advice based on their experience - fingers crossed.

In the meantime, does the printer come with some type of owner's manual? Have you checked to see if there is a troubleshooting section? Maybe this is a common problem and it is addressed there.

Another idea is to see if there is a number to call from the manufacturer who may be able to give you some advice.

Sorry that's not much use, but that's what I'd try first off. Let me know what you find out.


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Sep 02, 2010
stop air bubbles on candy sheets
by: Anonymous

hi Maria
if you put the candy picture sheet in the fridge after it has printed for a few hours it should work better. If they get to room temperature then they tent to be too sticky and rip of form air bubbles.
hope this helps in some way!

Mar 18, 2010
by: Maria

Thank you, Angie! The printer's actually a regular printer, just with edible ink. I'll try looking at that or I'll call Kopykake. Thanks again! Any tips are always appreciated!

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