The Perfect Edge Brownie Pan

Are you wondering what all the hype is about when it comes to an edge brownie pan? I was too, so I did my research! 

There are some people who truly love that corner brownie - the perfect combination of chewy, crunchy, and soft. 

The only problem is that on regular baking dishes there are only four corners and often times more than four people looking to enjoy that corner delight. 

Luckily that is where a corner brownie pan comes in handy. Every brownie that is made in a corner brownie pan has at least two chewy crunchy edges to enjoy while still cooking to warm soft perfection in the middle.

This funny looking zig zag pan does the trick every time. It is such a simple concept with such sweet results.

The king of these pans is the original Bakers edge brownie pan. These young bakers were the first to look for unconventional ways to change the conventional baking pan. Taking a straightforward baking pan and adding sections that look more like a maze, is not only simple, but absolutely genius! 

So the big question is, does it work? I would answer with a great big YES!

I recently had the opportunity to try out the pan with my mother, who just so happens to be the biggest fan of that perfect corner brownie, so needless to say I was baking with a skeptic.

I come from a big family and for us it isn't uncommon to find us fighting for that last corner brownie. To find a baking pan that could actually keep the peace seemed impossible.

The Bakers edge brownie pan was super simple to use because there is no need to change anything about your brownie recipe. Although the pan is non-stick, we still greased it up just to be safe, but other then that all we did was pour our batter and then sat back and waited. 

Twenty-five minutes later we were drooling over the result! First off, we could actually see the chewy edges already before we even cut into them. The only downfall was cutting them did take a little getting used to because of the dividers, but it really wasn't that big of an issue. 

After we had cut them all up it was literally love at first bite! My mother and I both agreed that this pan was something special, but of course, the biggest critic is my father. He was pleased that he not only got one but two corner brownies and that spoke for itself!

So as far as my big family goes this pan was the real deal. The best part about this edge brownie pan is that it can do double duty. Not only is it built to deliver a great corner brownie but you can even bake lasagna in it! What's better then dinner and dessert? 

The young bakers who designed this pan definitely had my family in mind, and while we expected the pan to work out well, we got more than we expected!

~ By Kate H.

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