Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner

by Matt
(Concord, NH)

Easter Egg Hunt Fun

Easter Egg Hunt Fun

An Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner is a simple way to have a fun Easter party.

You can have a bunch of people over with their kids for a lunch or early dinner. Make sure it's still light out.

The kids can have an Easter egg hunt. Just fill the plastic eggs with candy or small notes that can be traded for little prizes and hide them around the yard ahead of time.

You may want to have a special section designated for the toddlers where the eggs are plainly visible in the grass.

You can follow that with Easter eggs coloring craft activity for the kids which they can eat during the dinner or lunch.

For dinner on Easter I prefer ham and mashed potatoes and some other vegetables and a nice glass of wine and some juice for the kids.

Thanks, Matt, for the Easter party ideas. Yep! The traditional old Easter egg hunt is still a big winner with the kids.

I think it's something about the hide and seek aspect of it, combined with the mystery of wondering what you may find inside your eggs.

Of course, in my family a healthy dose of competition to see who finds the most eggs certainly adds to the challenge.

My mom and dad tend to put notes in the eggs with money amounts written on them. Yes, the grandkids love to score some cash! :)

The greatest thing about Easter to me, apart from the wonderful celebration of the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, is the joy of family time.

Thanks again for sharing your party ideas for an Easter egg hunt and dinner.


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