Easter Egg Craft Idea

by sowmyakollace

Colored Easter Egg Craft Idea

Colored Easter Egg Craft Idea

For this Easter we can be more creative and expressive by this Easter egg craft idea.

Things needed:

  • Boiled eggs or homemade chocolate Easter eggs
  • 3-D paint or glitter glue, in a variety of colors
  • White craft glue
  • Colored Markers


As a first step we need Easter eggs. As children love painting we can make a different design according to their taste and make them feel happy.

First draw a rough outline of the image or design by using a marker or what ever you choose on the egg.

Then apply glitter glue and paint on it with brighter colors as per the image. Let it dry and decorate them beautifully.

Thanks, sowmyakollace, for adding this beautiful colored Easter egg photo and instructions on how to make this Easter egg craft idea.

These would make really nice homemade Easter gift ideas for friends and families. And, you're right! The kids would really love making these Easter gifs for their friends or family.

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