Easter Crafts Kids

Easter crafts kids
Easter crafts kids
Easter crafts kids

Easter crafts, kids love them! I actually quite like children's Easter crafts, myself.

It's always nice to have a reason to get creative and do something special with your children. I haven't been blessed with any kids of my own, so I make Easter crafts with my nieces, nephews, and Sunday School students!

This year my class will be making little Easter pins made of foam and a pin attachment. 

I bought the kits already made up from the Oriental Trading Company for about $5 per dozen. I do love a bargain! :-)

Oriental Trading Company has over 100 different Easter craft ideas for kids and adults. You are sure to find something that will suit your purposes. There are both religious and secular Easter crafts for kids and adults among their selection.

Easter Chocolate Molds:

Easter crafts kids chocolate bunny in ice cream cone

Easter shaped chocolate molds are also a big hit for Easter crafts for kids. 

You can choose from a variety of shapes - bunnies of all sorts, Easter eggs, lambs, crosses, chicks, baskets, and more. You'll find the best prices at Candyland Crafts.

Candyland Crafts also has colored wafer melts that you and the kids can use to decorate your chocolate candy in detail. All you have to do is...

  1. Choose your molds.
  2. Choose your chocolate and colored melts.
  3. Pick up a pack of mini paint brushes at the dollar store.
  4. Melt the chocolates. You can even use the microwave if you're careful. Just melt 30 seconds at a time, stirring after each heating. Don't overheat!
  5. Paint the details of the molds using the paint brushes and melted colors. Fill the rest of the way up with regular chocolate.
  6. Allow chocolate to set. You can pop them in the fridge to cool quicker if you are in a rush.

That is one of the Easter crafts for children that everyone seems to love the best. I'll bet your kids do, too. 

Chocolate Flower Bouquet:

Easter egg flowers craft for kids

I recently ran across a cute idea from an Aussie girl who is really great at crafts and decorating. Her name is Tara Dennis and has a website taradennis.com if you'd like to check out more of her clever creations.

This particular Easter craft is cute and easy for kids to assemble. Here's what you'll need...

  • wooden skewers
  • green food coloring
  • small foil wrapped chocolate Easter eggs
  • artificial flower lei (you can usually get these at the dollar store)

Easter egg flowers craft for kids

Paint the skewers with the food coloring. Place the individual flowers from the lei on first and top it off with a foil wrapped egg. (If the flower petals tend to slip, use a little piece of tape to hold them in place.

You can also get a bit of florist foam and place it in a cute mug to use as a holder for your Easter bouquet. They'd make a pretty centerpiece on any table or even a lovely Easter gift.

Well, those are a few Easter crafts for kids ideas that I think are fun, sweet, inexpensive, and clever. I hope you enjoy them. If you've got some additional ideas, please share them with us!

Have An Easter Craft Idea?

Do you have an Easter craft idea that you picked up somewhere along the way? Share it with the rest of us! If you've actually made it, go ahead and show off. We'd love to see your work.

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