Do Carob Chips Contain Sugar?

by Carole O'Brien
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

I bought some carob chips from a bulk store and am wondering if there is any sugar used in making carob chips usually? I choose to avoid sugar at all costs and wouldn't want to eat them if they had sugar. They smell sweet, but that could just be the carob.(fingers crossed.)


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Jul 08, 2014
Answer NEW
by: Rebecca

Yes, there is Sugar in the Carob Chips at the Bulk barn100%. It is the first ingredient, unfortunately :(.

Mar 14, 2014
Yes from the bulk barn NEW
by: Karen

Hi I have been using carob for my husbands treats as he calls them :) Buying from the bulk barn the info is online for 100g cal. 410 fat 21 chol 0 sod 5 and are you ready carbs 77 sugars 72
I also know that at bulk food warehouse you can buy unsweetened carob. I dont have the nutritional info on hand but they also were fairly expensive. A small container that is prepackaged was like $6.98 or there abouts

Jul 21, 2013
carob NEW
by: Anonymous

No one really answered the question , is there sugar in carob. Can a diabetic use them

Oct 24, 2009
Jane Daniels Cookbook
by: Angie

Which recipe book are you looking for specifically? The book, One Spice, Two Spice by Jane Daniels Lear? If so, that link will take you to the page on Amazon where it is available.

Oct 24, 2009
Recipe Book
by: Tasha

I would like to know how to get Jane Daniel's recipe book.

Jul 09, 2009
unsweetened carob chips
by: Jane daniel

Most carob chips in bulk stores are sweetened unless specifically stated. I must avoid all forms of sugar in my diet and so I always ask. I have written a recipe book with recipes that have no sugar, starches, bovine dairy, yeast etc and have researched all things "unsweetened". I would go to a health food store ( not a supplements store) for unsweetened carob chips.
happy hunting. J

Jun 08, 2008
Sugar in Carob Chips
by: Angie

Hi Carole,

I don't use carob very often myself, but it is my understanding that carob chips can be sweetened or unsweetened. If they are sweetened, it varies as to what is used as the sweetening agent. Sometimes it's maltitol, sometimes it's malted barley or corn, etc.

My best suggestion would be for you to call the bulk food store and ask them specifically if the chips you purchased are sweetened and with what. They should have some type of ingredient listing.

Come back and let us know what you find out.

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