Dipping Pretzels

by Danielle
(Rhode Island)

Could someone please tell me why my chocolate dipped pretzels are drying with a slight white speckling on them.

As I first dip them, they look shiny and beautiful but as they dry they start to lose the shine and have this cloudy look to them.

Thank you for any advice.

Hi Danielle,

How are you melting your chocolate? Be very careful not to get the chocolate too hot. This can cause the chocolate to get white spots (fat bloom).

Also, if you are chilling them, the temperature change could also cause that affect.

Tempering chocolate gives a much nicer and shinier finish, but most people find that to be too much trouble.

Sometimes if you add a teaspoon of shortening (like Crisco) or even a small amount of food grade paraffin wax to the melted chocolate, you get a better finish without tempering. A lot depends on the quality of the chocolate, etc.

Anyone else want to add any advice on dipping pretzels? Us the comment link below.


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