Dipping Pretzels In Carmel

by Rhonda

I'm having trouble with dipping pretzels in carmel. Will it ever harden enough not to be running off the pretzels?

I melted carmel and half and half - great consistency. I dipped pretzels in carmel - looks great but now it won't set enough.

The carmel is set on pretzels but kinda running off slowly when picked up. Carmel is still sticking to the wax paper.

Is this to be expected?

Hi Rhonda,

It sounds like your caramel is too thin for what you want to do with it. For dipping pretzels in caramel, you really need a firmer caramel that will not run so much.

Do you have any more caramel that you can add to the mixture to thicken it back up a bit more?

It may even be possible to heat your caramel mixture a bit longer to get it to thicken up more, but I'm not 100% sure about that one.

If you look at Candyland Crafts you can see that they have two types of caramel available. One is softer and flows more easily and one is firmer.

Personally, I'd use caramel more firm for dipping pretzels or apples for the reason that you have discovered. You want it to stay on. :)

You probably would be fine if you just used the caramels you have without the half and half or with just a small amount when melting (a tsp. or so).

It's to be expected to get a little pooling around the bottom (can't stop gravity!) but for the most part, the caramel should "set" on the pretzels.

Tell us how they turn out for you!

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